We’ve all been there. You skip a workout or 2, have a #yolo weekend of eating and before you know it, your motivation is about as lost as that one airplane on that one TV show. It happens to all of us, what matters is how we find our motivation again. Here are some tips for refocusing:

1. Set yourself a short-term goal - Something that you will be able to work towards and focus on every time your motivation dips slightly. No matter how short term or small it is. It could literally be as simple as adding a 2.5kg plate to your squat next week. Small progress is still progress.

2. Be realistic about that goal - If you’ve been slacking at the gym, there’s no point in setting a goal that you know is a long run. 9/10 we lose our motivation when we don’t reach a goal in a certain amount of time.

3. Go grocery shopping - Healthy grocery shopping. There’s something about knowing you have tons of healthy, yummy food in the house that really makes me want to focus on my workouts and doing the best I can. Go in with a plan and avoid the sweet section!

4. Do some Instagram stalking - Find people who’s physiques you admire and think about how hard they worked to get there. Every time you lose your motivation, look at their page and think about how many times they have picked themselves up after losing their mojo.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself - There’s no point in dwelling on how much food you ate on the weekend or how many times you skipped the gym last week. It’s in the past, what’s done is done. All you can do is move forward, move forward and just move, in general!

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