Supplement News 2 - CLA - Essential Amino Acids - Green Tea

CLA - The Latest Super Fat

CLA - The Latest Super-Fat


Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has been around the supplement world for a while, but its' many benefits are only recently being discovered. As a naturally-occurring fatty acid mainly found in grass-fed beef and dairy products, CLA consumed in everyday diet has been on the decline with the increase in grain-fed cattle, and low fat dairy options.

CLA has been shown to have a number of health benefits, including protection against heart disease, improved weight-loss ability, protection against Celiac disease, and just recently abilities to reduce inflammation and boost immune function.

What does this mean for weight trainers? Better recovery, less soreness and less body fat - but that's just for starters. As more and more research is being conducted, more benefits of this fatty acid are being discovered.

An easy way to increase your CLA intake is to increase your intake of grass-fed beef or full-fat dairy. Or you can take a CLA supplement. Most studies have tested participants at between 2g and 6g of CLA per day, so look to take a similar amount if you want to supplement with this super-fat.

Essential Amino Acids Mean More Muscle


Research has proven that amino acid supplementation results in a host of benefits to athletes, including faster recovery, more muscle growth, less muscle soreness and less muscle breakdown. In a recent study, however, the test subjects weren't trained athletes, but rather elderly females (average age of 67). On average, after three months of supplementing with 7.5g of EAA's between meals, the test subjects gained 1.7kg of lean body mass.

1.7kg of muscle gained in three months is in itself, impressive, but for a non-training and elderly test group (where muscle growth is at a standstill and catabolism is increasing), it's an excellent result. This Texan study not only validates previous studies which show how beneficial amino acid supplementation can be to athletes, but shows the importance of supplementing with EAA's to the general public. Anyone who is inactive can help prevent muscle wasting and the disorders associated with it; while active people can enjoy the many benefits of amino acids to strength, muscle and performance.

One Cup of Green Tea Burns 5.7 Grams of Fat


Ever wondered how much fat you are actually burning by drinking your green tea every day? Well so were researchers in The Netherlands, who reviewed around 40 previous studies on green tea and its' fat burning effects. It turns out that on average, each gram of caffeine + green tea catechins burns 0.02g of fat, and each mg of caffeine burns 0.01g of fat per day.

This means that in every 200ml cup of green tea, your daily fat burning is boosted by 5.7g. This doesn't sound like much, but at three cups per day, this equates to about 8kg of body fat per year. Picture yourself with 8kg less bodyfat this time next year just from drinking a beverage.

This study also has ramifications for anyone looking to use a fat burner - with the average daily intake of caffeine at around 600mg, that's a 6g daily fat loss from the fat burner alone. That's not to mention the other ingredients (green tea extract for instance), and the boost to metabolism and increased energy for workouts. Over the course of a year, pure fat loss with effective supplementation could well be over the 15kg mark for most people.

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