Targeting Fat Loss and Preserving Muscle

Targeting Fat Loss and Preserving Muscle

Targeting Fat Loss and Preserving Muscle

When it comes to losing body fat, most of us have those certain areas we would love to blast away first. For most women, they find their stubborn areas to be around their legs and bum region whereas most men it's that lower back.

The body is an amazing thing no doubt, but sometimes it just doesn't want to play ball with us. Once we start dieting down, our body begins breaking down stored energy (fat) and also muscle (as muscle is not required by the body for preservation). Muscle is also broken down while dieting and in some cases extreme dieting can cause quite a significant loss in muscle.

Few things we need to remember:

1) Slow dieting works best - Aim at a small reduction in calories as this will allow the body to use stored energy (fat) as fuel. If you reduce too many calories too fast your body will begin breaking down muscle also, as the body requires fat and holds onto as much as it can in case we begin starving eg. End of the world :D

Remember your body is a body fat storing machine that wants nothing more than to keep you energised and with enough energy in case you are unable to provide it with more.

2) Targeted Fat Loss does NOT exist - If we could target where we wanted Fat to drop off first, our prayers would be answered but unfortunately that is not the case. Your body will begin stripping off fat first wherever it likes and this differs from person to person. This is where genetics plays its part. Just stay on the diet consistently and you'll slowly see your body change.

3) So what can we do? - Instead of looking to target fat loss which is impossible, targeting muscle growth is completely possible. Strengthening and working out certain areas will increase the lean muscle mass in those regions and help a lot with the appearance.

Always remember to start dieting very SLOWLY and keep it progressive. There is no need for instant drastic changes to your eating habits to acquire the physique you are after.

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