Tips For Surviving The Maxs Muscle Up Challenge 2013

Tips For Surviving The Maxs Muscle Up Challenge 2013

Five Tips for Surviving the Max's/Maxine's Muscle-Up/Shape-Up Challenge 2013

Building on the amazing results seen in 2012, the 2013 Max's/Maxine's Challenge is set to be the biggest body transformation challenge in Australian history. There were plenty of exceptional transformations in 2012, (many of which didn't even make it to the top 10!) which is a comment on the dedication and commitment of the entrants.

Whether you're looking to win some fantastic prizes and get famous, or whether you just want to transform your body for heath or aesthetic reasons, the Max's/Maxine's Challenge 2013 is an excellent way to do it. With the meal, training and supplement plans, as well as the huge support from fans and fellow competitors, your muscle gain or fat loss goals have never been so achievable.

Survive the First Fortnight

It's a commonly-believed saying that surviving the first two weeks is the most important factor in determining whether you stick to a new habit. It's definitely true for health and fitness ones!

For anyone who has been inactive for a while, or for anyone who hasn't been eating exceptionally clean for a while, the first two weeks of the Challenge are going to be tough. You're going to be doing exercises you aren't used to, eating foods you haven't been eating and taking supplements you might never have used before, but you know it's all going to be worth it if you stick it out.

Once you're more than two weeks in to the Challenge, you should start to see some encouraging results. On top of this, the eating, training and supplementation should almost be a habit - making it much easier to stick to than when you started. Week three is going to be the easiest one out of the twelve!

Use the Forum

One of the biggest reasons people fail challenges like this one is lack of motivation and inspiration. If you can't see the results happening and you can't see the possibilities ahead of you, chances are you'll find something else to commit your effort to. This is where the forum comes in.

Not only do you have a huge amount of information available to you on the Challenge website, but you also have hundreds (if not thousands) of other entrants, as well as Max's Ambassadors to give you the motivation and inspiration you need! Imagine the difference between you showing your friend or family member the changes in your body, or you showing the whole of Australia!

Don't forget - the forum is an excellent way to get knowledgeable on a whole host of health-related topics such as nutrition, training, rest, supplementation and everything in between.

Smart Cardio

If you're looking to shed body fat as quickly as possible (particularly if you're doing the Maxine's Shape-Up Challenge), you might be tempted to do more cardio to help the process along. After all, expending more energy burns more fat, right?

Do your best to stick to the prescribed cardio training, and not to overdo it, or you might start to see your results suffer, especially later on in the Challenge. If your food intake is following your bodyweight (which will be going down for most competitors), you'll need to adjust your training accordingly to avoid burn-out and overtraining. This is where high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions as opposed to hour-long cardio sessions might help!


Not only is it a Challenge rule, but it's just plain smart to supplement correctly if you want to get the best results from your Max's/Maxine's Challenge 2013 efforts. Obviously smart supplementation is key though - if you're looking to shed body fat, use Max's Supershred, not Supersize!

Follow the supplements as recommended on the Challenge website, and if you're looking to really optimise your training and nutrition, the advanced supplement selections are definitely worth a try. Max's NAGG and Hybrid BCAA's, for example, are increasingly important as you continue into the Challenge for muscle growth, protection and recovery.

Follow the Rules

This is an obvious one, but probably one that needs to be spoken about nonetheless. If you want to do well, and even win the Max's/Maxine's Challenge 2013, follow the competition rules! There would be nothing worse than having an amazing transformation to show Australia and forgetting to upload your photos in time and missing the judging!

Another important rule to follow, obviously, is the banned substance policy. Make sure you aren't taking any banned products during your Challenge and compete the right way - nobody likes a cheat!

Hopefully this article has given you some good insight into the Max's/Maxine's Challenge 2013 and some ways to benefit from and survive during it!

If you need any more information, visit the maxchallenge or maxineschallenge websites!

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