Tips On How To Make Dieting Easier

Tips On How To Make Dieting Easier

Tips On How To Make Dieting Easier

When starting any diet, the first thing you want make sure you have is a nice set of tools to make the process a lot easier. I'd like to share a few hints and tips that I've utilised to make it much smoother.

1) Begin Slow - When starting any diet you want to make sure you do not begin with any extreme. Never begin a dieting by immediately reducing too many calories or setting 7 days of cardio for one hour. This will only cause your body to plateau very fast and also cause your body to hit a massive amount of shock. We need to begin by slowly reducing calories daily (begin with about a 300 calorie reduction and possibly 2 days a week of a 40 minute walk). Once you hit a weight stall then make an adjustment.

2) Use high volume foods - The biggest issue when dieting is satiation. Keeping full is important as we want to make sure we aren't having to go hungry. The feeling of hunger is always going to be normal on any diet but it doesn't have to be overwhelming as some make it out to be. Use higher volume foods when eating, like sweet potato, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, rice, spinach, chicken etc

3) Keep yourself busy - One thing I find that makes me cheat on my diet more is when I'm just laying around the house. Doing this makes me think about food because I become quite bored. Keep yourself busy, leave the house or do something productive to keep your mind off things and you'll realise eventually food won't matter as much.

4) Track your progress in the mirror - A lot of people get discouraged when they jump on the scale and it hasn't moved or has even increased. The biggest issue here is that the scale measures your weight loss and not your FAT loss! Using the mirror to watch your body is a much more reliable tool and trust me, will work much better in keeping you sane on this diet.

5) Allow a day to indulge - I truly believe that having a day to allow yourself some of your favourite foods is critical. One issue here is that one day of this could lead to multiple days on end. I suggest scheduling this day for when you have an event such as Birthday or Party etc.
Remember your goals and just this one day and back onto the diet the next. This will help keep sanity and get rid of craving. I don't recommend having this day until at least a month into your diet. Then have one of these days every 3 weeks or so.

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