Ultimate Nutrition BCAA 12000 Review

Ultimate Nutrition BCAA 12000 Review

Ultimate Nutrition BCAA 12000 Review

Ultimate Nutrition's products are largely based on extensive research and development, and contain some of the best ratios of ingredients of any supplements on the market. With a large portion of profits being re-invested into product research and testing, Ultimate Nutrition's focus is on producing the highest quality products for athletes around the world.

BCAA 12000 is Ultimate Nutrition's intra-workout branched chain amino acid supplement, providing 12g of amino acids per two scoops in a variety of fruit flavours. BCAA 12000 is constantly being improved upon, and the current ratio of ingredients is an excellent dose of amino acids with minimal colour, flavouring and sweeteners.

Key Ingredients

  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) - The importance of BCAA supplementation is highlighted by the huge number of products now available on the market. Just a few years ago it was difficult to find BCAA supplements, and especially flavoured ones that were mixable. But with continuous research being conducted, supplement companies are aware of the benefits of sipping on an amino acid supplement before, during and after strenuous workouts, and almost every supplement company now offers a product featuring BCAA's. Ultimate BCAA 12000 contains leucine, isoleucine and valine in a 2:1:1 ratio - one of the most common and most effective ratios out there.

Flavours & Sizes

Ultimate BCAA 12000 comes in a 457g container, which provides 60 servings. The flavours available are Blue Raspberry, Orange, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Lemon Lime and Grape.


Each scoop of BCAA 12000 contains 6g of amino acids, including 3g of leucine. One scoop is a good starting point for most people, with two scoops providing 12g of BCAA's - enough to fuel anyone's workout and recovery.

What we like about Ultimate BCAA 12000

  • Good dose of BCAA's per scoop
  • Great flavour range
  • Minimal additives


Ultimate Nutrition BCAA 12000 is an excellent pre, intra or post-workout BCAA supplement designed to help promote recovery, muscle growth and strength gains. With a good dose of the branched chain amino acids, including 3g of leucine per scoop, BCAA 12000 should be used by anyone looking to improve from workout to workout.

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