Ultimate Nutrition Testostro Grow HP4 Review

Ultimate Nutrition Testostro Grow HP4 Review

Ultimate Nutrition Testostro Grow HP4 Review

Ultimate Nutrition is one of the world's largest supplement companies, and offers an amazing array of protein powders, amino acids, weight gainers, fat burners and many other products. They are truly one of the heavyweights in the supplement industry, and their products are popular not only in the USA, but in Australia, Europe and elsewhere.

Testostro Grow HP4 is the Australian-approved testosterone booster in the Ultimate Nutrition range, and features a number of herbal extracts designed to increase free testosterone production and reduce estrogen levels. Test boosters are becoming more and more popular as a sports supplement - with the additional testosterone comes increases in strength, size, energy and libido.

Key Ingredients

  • Tribulus Terrestris - As one of the most popular herbs in test booster supplements, tribulus is regarded as a libido enhancer, and has been for thousands of years. It was traditionally used in Chinese medicine and has since been used worldwide for its' ability to enhance sexual function, but more recently for its' ability to increase free testosterone.

  • Saw Palmetto - Although saw palmetto doesn't increase the body's ability to increase testosterone levels, it helps to prevent testosterone from being converted to DHT (commonly linked to baldness in males). This allows more testosterone to be available within the body.

  • Stinging Nettle Root - Similarly to saw palmetto, stinging nettle doesn't actually increase the amount of testosterone your body produces, but makes more of it available for use within your body. Testosterone naturally binds to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which reduces the ability for it to be used for muscle growth and as a libido booster. Stinging nettle root helps to prevent this.

  • Avena Sativa Extract - Commonly known as oats, avena sativa is an extract from this popular food which is believed to increase the luteinising hormone release in the body, increasing testosterone levels.


Ultimate Nutrition Testostro Grow HP4 is available in a 126 tablet container, which is 42 days' worth at the full serving size.


The recommended dosage for Testostro Grow HP4 is one tablet, three times daily. This provides the equivalent of 37.5g of raw tribulus terrestris root and fruit per day. As the main ingredient in Testostro Grow HP4, this is a good dosage. We wouldn't recommend taking any more than the recommended dosage due to the zinc content of Testostro Grow - 10mg per tablet three times per day is the upper limit of the amount of zinc you will want to take in.


While most test boosters provide a 21 day supply (some even less), Ultimate Testostro Grow HP4 has 42 days' worth of full servings per bottle. This is excellent value, and even with the higher price tag as compared to most test boosters, it still works out cheaper.


Ultimate Nutrition Testostro Grow HP4 is an excellent supplement to support an increase in testosterone levels and reduction in estrogen. With a whole host of herbal extracts including tribulus, hawthorn berry, avena sativa, saw palmetto and others, for anyone suffering from low test levels, or for anyone who wants a training and libido boost, Testostro Grow HP4 will be a good choice.

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