VPX Cremtor Review

VPX Cremtor Review

VPX Cremtor Review

VPX Sports Supplements has always been known for offering products that are at the forefront of research and development, offering exciting new ingredients that have undergone ground-breaking university and journal research. VPX often funds these research studies (see some examples here), and rather than just making big claims, they regularly have the science to back them up.

CREmTOR is the newest creatine/BCAA formula on the market, combining a number of unique amino acid forms in yet another ground-breaking VPX supplement. Cremtor utilises BCAA's as well as HICA and two leucine-based peptides designed to improve the solubility (within the stomach), digestibility and ultimately the performance of the ingredients.

CREmTOR Key Ingredients

  • CREmTOR Matrix - This blend is one of the most exciting we've seen in a while, featuring two patented/patent pending ingredients. As well as creatine monohydrate, this CREmTOR Matrix features l-leucyl-l-isoleucine peptide and creatyl-l-leucine (mTORC1). The first peptide is a combination of leucine and isoleucine - two of the branched chain amino acids bonded together to improve the delivery to the bloodstream. The mTORC1 peptide is a combination of creatine and leucine which is a highly stable bond that travels into the stomach, protecting the creatine from breakdown until it needs to be used and delivered into the bloodstream.

  • HICA - HICA stands for alpha-hydroxy-isocaproic acid (also known as leucic acid), and is a metabolite of leucine, much like HMB. Although there are not many published studies on HICA, it shows excellent promise as a muscle builder and strength booster.

  • BCAA's - Cremtor also provides the branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine (in addition to the other blends) in a 2:2:1 ratio. This is excellent for spurring muscle growth and protecting muscles against breakdown caused by heavy weight training in particular.

CREmTOR Flavours & Sizes

VPX Cremtor comes in a 180g container (30 serves) in an unflavoured powder.

CREmTOR Dosage

The dosage protocol for Cremtor is one scoop (6g) pre, during or post-workout. This is the ideal time to take Cremtor - it stimulates the mTOR pathway to begin protein synthesis. It's difficult to know the exact dose that will be right for everyone, but the 6g scoop contains at least 3500mg of BCAA's (including HICA), which is a fair dose. We'd suggest starting with one scoop daily and assessing results from there.

Why we like CREmTOR

  • Patented and researched ingredients
  • BCAA's and HICA
  • 30 full serves


While many creatine products have been released in recent times, VPX CREmTOR is the first that we can remember being this excited about. With a hefty dose of amino acids and creatine in a unique blend that optimises the digestibility of the ingredients, and with no fillers, VPX CREmTOR is an advanced muscle-building and recovery tool that should be a staple in everyone's supplementation.

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