VPX Giant Gains Review

VPX Giant Gains Review

VPX Giant Gains Review

VPX Sports Supplements has always been known for offering products that are at the forefront of research and development, offering exciting new ingredients that have undergone ground-breaking university and journal research. VPX often funds these research studies (see some examples here), and rather than just making big claims, they regularly have the science to back them up.

The new VPX Sports Giant Gains is the re-released version of the weight gainer that was a favourite of many hard-gainers worldwide. With the signature VPX blue packaging, the new Giant Gains is a 4.5kg mass gainer that delivers almost 1,000 calories per serve – ideal for anyone who struggles to gain weight using whole foods. With a blend of several carb and protein sources in a 4:1 ratio, Giant Gains delivers fast and lasting energy and amino acids for building muscle, repairing damaged tissue, spiking insulin levels and delivering glycogen to muscles to fuel your next workout.

VPX Giant Gains Key Ingredients

  • Carb Blend – Giant Gains delivers 193g of carbs per serve from a blend of maltodextrin, modified potato starch and waxy maize. From these three carb sources, you’re getting a fast energy hit, as well as some lasting carbohydrates thanks to the waxy maize. This is an ideal carb blend for a post-workout shake – the fast-digesting carbohydrates spike insulin and deliver amino acids quickly to the bloodstream, while the slower-digesting carbs prevent a crash, and give lasting energy.
  • Protein Blend – Similarly to the carb blend, the protein blend in Giant Gains features a number of different sources with varied rates of digestion and absorption. On the faster side, the whey isolate and concentrate deliver amino acids quickly, and the casein sources kick in a little later on, meaning that you’ll be receiving amino acids throughout the system for several hours after your shake.
  • Amino Acid Matrix – To boost the effects of Giant Gains, VPX has included an amino acid matrix – a blend of taurine, leucine, glutamine, isoleucine and valine. These aminos make up the BCAA’s, and the extremely important glutamine and taurine – two of the most beneficial amino acids athletes can ingest.

VPX Giant Gains Flavours & Sizes

Giant Gains comes in a 4.5kg bag, in Chocolate Rush flavour.

VPX Giant Gains Dosage

Each serve of Giant Gains delivers 990 calories – which is a monster serving. Of those 990 calories, you’ll receive 193g carbs, 52g protein and 2.5g fat. With the low fat and blended carb and protein formulas, Giant Gains is ideally taken before and/or after workouts. We’d recommended taking half a serve before and half after your workout, or the whole shake post-workout. Start with one per day in addition to your normal meals, and adjust your intake depending on your weight-gain results.

VPX Giant Gains Features

  • 990 calories per serve
  • Comprehensive carb and protein blends
  • Fortified with key amino acids


VPX Giant Gains is an excellent weight gainer for the hard gainers that can’t seem to put on mass with a 1:1 carb to protein blend. With a 4:1 carb to protein ratio and 990 calories per serve, Giant Gains is the perfect addition to a mass-gain diet, and a key tool to force your body to gain size quickly.

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