Vital Strength VS-8 Review

Vital Strength VS-8 Review

Vital Strength VS-8 Review

Vital Strength has firmly entrenched itself as one of Australia's leading supplement manufacturers, with nearly 20 years' experience in formulating, manufacturing and marketing health foods and sports supplements. The Vital Strength brand is synonymous with health and athletic performance in Australia.

VS-8 Thermogenic Burner is the men's fat burner in the Vital Strength range, featuring a number of herbal extracts, minerals and amino acids in a fast-absorbing liquid capsule for maximum potency. The VS-8 blend complements many of the protein and amino acid products in the Vital Strength range, and should be used in conjunction with these products for maximal effectiveness.

VS-8 Key Ingredients

  • Camellia Sinensis - One of the main ingredients in VS-8 is camellia sinensis, which is more commonly known as green tea extract. This popular extract has a whole host of benefits for anyone looking to burn body fat, including reduction of fat stores, reducing the ability of the body to store fat, boosting metabolism and boosting antioxidant capacity.

  • Citrus Aurantium - Also known as bitter orange extract, citrus aurantium is another popular weight loss ingredient. Synephrine is the main extract in citrus aurantium which is used for boosting energy levels and burning body fat, and became widely popular as a replacement for ephedra when it was banned for sale.

  • Hydroxycitrate Complex - Hydroxycitrate is commonly abbreviated to HCA, and is an ingredient in many fat burners for its ability to reduce carbohydrate storage. Rather than storing excess carbohydrates as body fat, HCA assists the body to dispose of those carbohydrates.

VS-8 Flavours & Sizes

Each bottle of VS-8 contains 120 liquid capsules, which equates to 30 serves.

VS-8 Dosage

The recommended serving size of VS-8 is four capsules twice daily, and over the course of the day provides 4g green tea leaf, 4g guarana seed, 5g white willow bark, 1200mg of HCA, 400mg carnitine fumarate, 400mcg chromium and 800mg lecithin. The combination of these ingredients provides 170mg caffeine over the course of the day as well. As far as fat burners go, VS-8 is one of the milder options out there, with many competitors including more than double that caffeine dosage in each serve! Follow the recommended dosage for VS-8 and while you won't have that stimulant high you get from other fat burners, you should experience some smooth energy and fat loss throughout the day.

Why we like VS-8

  • Liquid capsules for better delivery
  • 8 distinct ingredients
  • Good doses of green tea, guarana and white willow bark


Anyone looking to shed body fat without ramping up their caffeine intake too high should consider trying Vital Strength VS-8 Thermogenic. With a nice blend of herbals, amino acids and minerals, it helps to gradually and steadily reduce body fat and boost energy levels to help you achieve your ultimate physique.

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