What Results can I Expect with EHP Labs Oxyshred?

What Results can I Expect with EHP Labs Oxyshred?

What Results can I Expect with EHP Labs Oxyshred?

This is one of the most common questions we receive regarding EHP Labs super potent fat burner Oxyshred, so we believe it deserves an entire article devoted to it! Everyone wants to sport a fit, toned and muscular body, so there’s no wonder why Oxyshred, and other fat burners like Thermal XTC, Hydroxycut and Dymaburn are so popular. By combining a potent thermogenic like Oxyshred, or one of these others, with an intelligent diet, training and nutritional protocol, you can certainly expect some good fat loss and energy.

Oxyshred as Energy Booster

Although people consider EHP Labs Oxyshred a fat burner, the main support it gives your body’s thermogenic (fat burning) processes is by increasing metabolic rate. To do this, it uses caffeine, carnitine, green coffee bean and a number of other ingredients that help to utilise body fat for fuel, and to increase the fuel used throughout the day. The side effect (if you can call it that!) of this, is an increase in the energy you have to use throughout the day, or during your workouts. For that reason, you can easily use EHP Labs Oxyshred as a pre-workout, or even as a substitute for your daily coffees! You can expect some significant energy enhancement when using Oxyshred – some users compare each serve of Oxyshred to approximately a double shot coffee – but with a smoother, and longer-lasting energy!

Oxyshred as Fat Burner

Oxyshred is a potent ‘ultra thermogenic’ – there’s no two ways about it! With the wealth of science backing the majority of ingredients in the product, fat loss is the primary goal of Oxyshred. This is great if you’ve got a few extra kilos of fat to lose. In addition to the stimulant and metabolic enhancement ingredients which ramp up your metabolism and increase the calories you expend throughout the day, Oxyshred utilises some excellent ingredients like guggulsterone, coleus forskohlii and raspberry ketones, which help to promote fat mobilisation. Think of it as extra workers delivering your body fat to a furnace, which is now primed to burn as much of that fat as possible.

Getting Shredded with Oxyshred

While fat loss results are completely individual, EHP Labs Oxyshred users, particularly ones that report back to us at Protein King, can typically lose a few kilos over the course of an entire tub (1-2 months’ supply).  Obviously this result will depend on you, and your level of buy-in to the exercise and diet components which are incredibly important. But don’t be surprised if you are losing centimetres off your waist every few weeks – the research on Oxyshred’s ingredients definitely supports this possibility!

Is Oxyshred for Me?

If you are looking to boost your energy levels, and increase your body’s ability to burn through its fat stores, then EHP Labs Oxyshred should definitely be considered as part of your supplementation. With some incredible ingredients at good doses, you should see some positive results with mood, energy and thermogenesis in short periods of time – weeks, not months. Based on the feedback we’ve received so far (as well as our own in-house testing J) EHP Labs Oxyshred is one of our favourite fat burning supplements that delivers excellent results. And we haven’t even mentioned the amazing flavours!

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