When to take a Creatine Supplement

When to Take A Creatine Supplement

Creatine Supplements

Creatine Supplements are well-known throughout the bodybuilding and fitness community as a valuable addition to a training, diet and supplement regimen, although there is still controversy surrounding it's use. Some claim that creatine is illegal, others say it will dehydrate you, make you store water, gain fat and is bad for the kidneys. Most of this is simply not true.

What does Creatine do?

Creatine is a natural substance manufactured by the body and mostly found in the body's muscle cells. Creatine is created by the body mainly from the amino acids digested through food intake, especially from meat, and is utilised by the body in times of high stress, such as cardio activity or weight training. Creatine is used up by the body in these times of high stress to give energy to the muscles so they can contract forcefully. Numerous studies show significant improvements in physical capacity of those using a creatine supplement.

How can I take Creatine?

Creatine can be made by the body from food intake, but usually only a few grams per day. For someone who has increased physical stresses (such as weight trainers), a Creatine supplement can assist in bringing up the amounts found in the muscles. Creatine supplements can come in the form of powders or pills, sometimes blended with other substances such as Dextrose, to help absorption.

Is Creatine Safe?

Although mainly people have made claims that creatine is unsafe for a number of reasons, scientific studies have time and time again proven that not only is creatine an effective supplement, but that it is also a safe one. Studies suggest that a dosage of between 5-20g per day is safe and has no side effects. Others suggest that long term use of creatine at low dosages also has no negative impact.

How much Creatine do I take?

Generally, creatine supplements come in the form of creatine monohydrate powder. The best creatine supplements are made of Creapure creatine - a brand made in Germany, and world known as the highest quality available. Most supplements these days use Creapure, but even if they don't, there are a number of high quality brands of creatine monohydrate on the market currently. The general rule for creatine is approximately 5g per day, every day (regardless of whether you are training or not). Since it may take days to weeks for the creatine to be fully absorbed and at optimal levels in the bloodstream, some manufacturers recommend a 'loading phase', of approximately one week at 20g per day, split over a number of intakes. Loading phases will help the body assimilate to a creatine supplement quicker, but there is no issue with taking the recommended 5g per day. Protein King strongly recommends following all directions on the package of your creatine supplements.

Side effects of Creatine use

As stated above, there are no real side effects of proper creatine use. If you follow the directions on the package, and consult your doctor if any symptoms occur, you can ensure you can make full use of this great product. Many manufacturers suggest increasing your water intake, as creatine has a tendency to draw water into the muscles. By drinking at least 8-12 cups of water per day you are ensuring not only optimal creatine absorption, but also good general health. You may notice an increase in strength, muscle size and bodyweight in a short time after taking creatine for the first time. This is completely normal, and much of the size and weight gain is due to the water storage in the muscles. It's actually a pretty nice feeling!

Is Creatine legal?

Creatine is 100% legal in Australia, and safe for use. Please consult your governing body for your sport if you are a drug tested athlete to check if creatine is banned by them.

Where can I buy Creatine supplements?

Creatine supplements are available for purchase in many places, such as supermarkets, chemists and online. You will find the best ranges, the best prices, and expert advice from online stores such as Protein King - where you can buy a whole range of creatine and bodybuilding supplements.

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