Which Musashi Protein Powder is Right for Me?

Which Musashi Protein Powder is Right for Me?

Which Musashi Protein Powder is Right for Me?

Musashi’s supplement line, and particularly the protein powder range, is one of the biggest of any supplement company not only in Australia but worldwide. Musashi stocks a full range of protein powders, bars, amino acids, pre-workouts, recovery supplements and everything in between. For any athlete, at any level, Musashi has your needs covered.

With Musashi’s extensive protein powder range, it can be a really tough task to narrow down the product that’s right for you. Many of the protein powders share similar nutrient profiles, so it can be difficult for someone new to supplements to select the absolute best product for them. From the eight current Musashi protein powders on offer, we’ve gone ahead and narrowed down which products to choose based on your goals.

Musashi Protein Powder to Gain Size

Looking to put on some muscle mass? Look no further than Musashi Bulk Mass Gain and Bulk Extreme. Bulk Mass Gain has been one of Australia’s best-selling weight gainers for a long time – a 50/50 blend of protein and carbs, in a great-tasting and well-priced product. Bulk Mass Gain has been advertised by several sports stars across a variety of codes, and is ideally taken multiple times daily, especially if you’re undergoing heavy weight training or sports performances. Bulk Extreme is the newest weight gainer in the Musashi protein range, and is a little more aggressive as a weight gainer – slightly reducing the protein content of Bulk Mass Gain, and boosting the fats. The result is an even stronger weight gainer, ideal for those who really struggle to gain weight.

Bottom line to gain size: Musashi Bulk Mass Gain or Bulk Extreme

Musashi Protein Powder for Post-Workout

After your workout is one of the most important times to supplement with a protein powder. Your muscles have sustained stress and damage due to the workout, so a protein high in amino acids is crucial here. Musashi have a number of choices again in this department – specifically P30 High Protein, and Recover Whey Protein. For more intense exercise, and for those looking to gain size, P30 High Protein is a blend of protein and carbs in a 3:1 ratio. This makes it a little leaner than a weight gainer, but still providing enough carbs for a nice insulin spike and some muscle growth. Musashi Recover Whey is a far leaner post-workout protein, containing whey protein and several free-form amino acids – they are readily available to be used to rebuild muscle tissue.

Bottom line for post-workout: Musashi P30 High Protein (gain size) or Recover Whey Protein (to maintain size)

Musashi Protein Powder for All-Day

Two protein powders by Musashi are ideal for consumption anytime of the day, whether that’s first thing in the morning, between meals, post-workout or any other time. P Low Carb Protein is a nice, basic protein powder that’s high in protein, fairly low in carbs and fat, and tastes great. It’s more of an entry-level protein that can be used any time of the day to ensure protein levels are favourable for muscle growth and hunger is kept at bay also. Musashi Lean WPI is the most advanced protein in the Musashi range, being very low in carbs and fat, and providing over 80% protein. Lean WPI is perfect for athletes, especially those who are on stricter diets.

Bottom line for all-day: Musashi P Low Carb (beginner) or Lean WPI Protein (advanced)

Musashi Protein Powder for Night Time

Another crucial time for protein supplementation is night time, specifically before going to sleep. Your body will go without food for the entire length of your sleep, as well as in the morning, where it can be hours before we get to our first meal of the day. A slow-release protein is ideal for before bedtime – it takes up to eight hours to fully digest, meaning that amino acids are constantly feeding your muscle tissue and preventing their breakdown. Musashi Muscle Defence is created specifically for this role – the blend of whey and casein proteins ensure that your muscles are fed for hours.

Bottom line for night time: Musashi Muscle Defence

While you can basically use any of these Musashi protein powders for any time of the day, selecting one specific to your goals ensures that you’re getting the most from not only your training, but your supplementation. We weren’t kidding when we said Musashi has a protein powder for everyone’s needs.

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