Why Girls Should Lift Weights

Why Girls Should Lift Weights

Why Girls Should Lift Weights

“Women shouldn’t lift weights because it will make them look bulky”. If I had a dollar for every time I heard this, I would be able to open my own world class gym and lift all the weights I wanted #lifegoals. But seriously, too many girls are being tricked into believing that the weights section at the gym is a strictly boys only zone. Girls, you are so wrong. Here are 5 reasons why you should WANT to lift. And lift heavy.

1. Lifting weights burns more fat. You may burn 300 calories on your steady state half hour treadmill walk but lifting weights not only burns fat while you work out, but you actually continue to burn calories long after your workout has ended. #science

2. Increased energy and calorie expenditure. Resistance training has been proven to increase energy expenditure for hours after you train. Resistance training also contributes to how many calories you burn a day. If you have more lean muscle mass, the more muscle contractions you’ll have (by doing simple moves like squatting), the more calories you’ll burn.

3. It’s a great stress relief. My favourite way of getting rid of stress or my release from a bad day is lifting weights. Everything else that’s bothering me just disappears and for that hour, all that matters is the gym.

4. Obviously there are the health benefits. Your heart will be healthier, you’ll live longer, you strengthen your bones, you’ll have stronger joints, lower bad cholesterol levels, you’ll reduce the risk of injury, diabetes and heart disease and boost your immune system.

5. My favourite one. Confidence and independence. Need to move a heavy box? Girl, you don’t need no man. Want to rearrangement your apartment? You can do it by yourself. The confidence you feel when you know you’ve had a great workout is a feeling very difficult to explain. You just feel good. Like everything about life is good. And that alone should be reason enough.

Please do not worry about looking like a man. Not only will you not be able to eat the amount that those bodybuilders eat, the way you train will play a significant part in determining how your body develops. Those bodybuilders train to maximize muscle size. Plus, women do not have the testosterone levels to build the physique that you’re so afraid of having.

See you in the weights room x

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