Switch Nutrition Amino Switch Review

Switch Nutrition Amino Switch Review

Switch Nutrition Amino Switch

I've been a big fan of Switch Nutrition products for a while now, and when their Amino Switch supplement was released, I knew it was going to be good. Once again, they have not disappointed.

Aminos are the build blocks that make up protein powder. They are the individual essential and non-essential amino acids that your body uses to build, repair and recover muscle after a hectic workout. As well as pretty much everything else in the body.

Now not everyone likes the traditional milk-based protein powder supplements. It might be the taste of milky products in general or their stomach just doesn't agree with it, and that’s fine. They might not be fans of vegan protein powders either for similar reasons, so where does that really leave you for getting in your nutrition after training?

The answer is Amino Acids, more commonly known as just Aminos. AKA BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and EAA's (Essential Amino Acids).

Switch Nutrition Amino Switch is a BCAA and EAA recovery matrix that contains all nine essential amino acids in the perfect ratio to support nutrient recovery. It's designed to be a highly-absorbable, vegan-friendly supplement that is also dairy and lactose free.

In the traditional style of how we roll here at Protein King, health and wellbeing is at the top of the agenda, so we really don’t like anything artificial. That's why Switch Nutrition ranks quite highly in our list of most loved brands by the team. Not only is Amino Switch gluten, sugar, soy and colour-free, but it's keto-friendly, naturally-sweetened and 100% Australian owned and manufactured.

If you sweat a lot, you will love the included electrolyte blend of sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium, plus the added essential co-factors, vitamins and Schisandra Chinensis. This scientifically-formulated combination may help support nutritional recovery and maximise your performance goals.

There are a heck of a lot of flavours available too. I'm a Lemonade guy, and to mix things up I’ll get the occasional Mango Kiwi or Green Apple. They also have Watermelon and Raspberry. Customers always ask us: “is it sweet?” Here's a quick tip - add a scoop, then adjust the water level based on how sweet you like it. I find one scoop and 600ml in the Lemonade flavour to be spot on. Personally, I like to have a protein shake after a weights session. But for cardio days like tennis, running, or helping the oldies out in the garden with some hard labour, an ice-cold Amino Switch to sip on during the event sure does hit the spot, keeping your body in a positive nitrogen balance and helping to avoid catabolism (muscle loss).

I haven't found any other amino supplement that is as comprehensive in its’ formula, of such high quality, and with as good a taste as Switch Nutrition's Amino Switch. Give it a try, you might not find better!

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