APS Testalensis 100 Review

23 Jul 2016 James K Supplement Reviews

APS Testalensis 100 Review

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APS (Advance Performance Supplements) got on the supplement map with Mesomorph – one of the better-selling pre-workouts of the last few years. Since then, APS has been fairly quiet, but they have released updated versions of Mesomorph, as well as White Lightning Extreme – their fat-burning powder. The logical next step for APS was this one – a test-booster that matches their true hardcore style, that stacks well with Mesomorph and White Lightning. Enter APS Testalensis 100.

The name does sound a little weird, yes, but there’s logic to it. It’s a test-booster featuring bulbine natalensis, hence the ‘lensis’ in the Testalensis. As for the ‘100’ – it’s probably because of the 100:1 extract level of the bulbine natalensis. Anyway, enough on the name. Testalensis 100 is a 60-serve test-booster, with a 5.5g serving size, and with several impressive test-boosting ingredients in the mix. Let’s take a closer look…

APS Testalensis 100 Key Ingredients

- 3,4-Divanilyltetrahydrofuran – Try pronouncing this ingredient. It turns out this is a lignan (chemical compound) found in stinging nettle – a popular ingredient in test-boosting supplements. Stinging nettle has been shown to occupy sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which in theory reduces the ability of SHBG to bind to testosterone and make it unavailable. In short, stinging nettle is used to increase free testosterone.

- Bulbine Natalensis – This is the one that makes its’ way into Testalensis 100’s name, so it’s gotta be a pretty powerful ingredient, right? Bulbine is a potent herbal extract that has actually been compared by many to a steroid in its’ effectiveness. Research (as with most herbal extracts) hasn’t reached consensus on the ingredient, but it’s definitely one to watch that is over and above what most other plant extracts can do for testosterone levels.

- Mucuna Pruriens – Another common ingredient in testosterone boosters, mucuna pruriens (A.K.A. velvet bean) is a bean extract that’s high in L-DOPA (a precursor to dopamine), and has some encouraging research regarding neuro-protective benefits and fertility.

APS Testalensis 100 Flavours & Sizes

APS Testalensis 100 comes in a 60-serve container (330g), and in two flavours: Frozen Margarita and Orange Sherbet.

APS Testalensis 100 Dosage

Each serve of Testalensis is 5.5g, giving you a full 60-day supply in each tub at the recommended one-serve-daily. We don’t have any ingredient doses provided from the manufacturer, which is a little disappointing. Judging by the ingredients and the 5.5g dose, you are most likely getting close to full doses of the significant active ingredients.

APS Testalensis 100 Nutrition Information

Why we like APS Testalensis 100

- The first standardised 100:1 bulbine natalensis extract
- Several potent test-boosting ingredients
- Full 60-day supply in each tub

The Bottom Line

APS Testalensis 100 includes several potent test-boosting ingredients, including velvet bean, stinging nettle, bulbine natalensis, fenugreek, zinc, tribulus and longjack – just to name a few. With a nice 5500mg serving size and 60 full serves per tub, APS has another solid performer to add to its’ list in Testalensis 100.