Best EHP Labs Oxyshred Flavours – Part Two!

Best EHP Labs Oxyshred Flavours – Part Two!

EHP Labs Oxyshred New Flavours

A while ago (September, 2013 to be exact!), we wrote about the Best EHP Oxyshred Flavours, and you can still read that article. (Spoiler Alert: Wild Melon won the battle then). Since then, EHP Labs has added two new flavours to the Oxyshred repertoire: Passionfruit and Mango. Also, we have new staff members and an updated taste bud palette. Well, you know what that means? We have to get to do another taste test! From the team here at Protein King, here are our ratings for Best EHP Labs Oxyshred Flavours.

Oxyshred Passionfruit

This is the first new kid on the Oxyshred block, and always a favourite for the Australian flavour profiles (does anyone remember drinking Schweppes Passiona as a kid?). While there are quite a few Pineapple Passionfruit flavours out there in other supplements, I can’t think of another straight Passionfruit, which makes Oxyshred Passionfruit unique. Anyway, I digress. Basically, it tastes quite similar to the Passiona – a nice, albeit a little unnatural, passionfruit flavour. It’s quite sweet, as with all the Oxyshred flavours, but very nice to drink. We liked it with a little more water (ice cold, of course), so it diluted the sweetness just a little.

Oxyshred Guava Paradise

Number two on the tasting block was Guava Paradise. Originally, this came last in our taste test, but was still a very solid performer – there are no bad-tasting Oxyshreds! Guava Paradise has that nice sweet and sourness going on, and it’s actually really nice. You probably won’t need to dilute this one as much thanks to the sour hit, which is always nice if you don’t want to take in a lot of water. Overall, this tastes better than we remember it in 2013, and it is certainly a contender!

Oxyshred Wild Melon

This was our winner in 2013, and we can still taste why. It gives you a nice, cantaloupe-y flavour, not too sweet, but really delicious. We might just go for seconds on this one…

Oxyshred Mango

The other new kid on the block this time around is Mango, and it’s another home run. You know that mango nectar you find in the juice section at the supermarket? It’s very similar to that – meaning that it tastes like actual mango. Again, it’s very sweet… So if you don’t like sweet-tasting fat burners (Oxyshred might not be for you!), then go for a higher amount of water to offset the flavour. Wow, this is another contender!

Oxyshred Kiwi Strawberry

This flavour came 3rd in our last trial, and it’s probably going to rank somewhere in the middle this time around again. It does taste great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s probably a step below the top tier. Once again, it’s a nice sweet and sour mix of ingredients, like what a strawberry-kiwi mix should taste like. Still very enjoyable.

Oxyshred Pink Grapefruit

After tasting the other five flavours, lucky number six is Pink Grapefruit. We were excited to try this one because it promised to be the most sour of the group, and it was… just. Oxyshred is quite sweet no matter which flavour you go for, so even the sour flavours are sweet. Pink Grapefruit is only just the most sour of the six flavours, so if you’re really sweet-averse, you’d choose this one.

Decision Time

We polled the votes from each of the tasters here, who gave each flavour a ranking from 1-6 (like they do on Eurovision), and here are the results.

6th – Pink Grapefruit

5th – Guava Paradise

4th – Kiwi Strawberry

3rd – Passionfruit

2nd – Wild Melon

Winner – Mango!

It was a close one (by one point actually), but Mango came out the winner this time. It’s no surprise - it’s an excellent flavour, fairly true to what mango really tastes like, and just edged out the previous winner Wild Melon. Again, we loved all of these flavours, so there was no real loser. But this time around, the Best EHP Labs Oxyshred Flavour is Mango.