Blackstone Labs Growth Review

25 Jun 2016 James K Supplement Reviews

Blackstone Labs Growth

Blackstone Labs Growth Banner

Blackstone Labs is quickly becoming one of the bigger names in the supplement world, thanks to some serious word-of-mouth, touting the brand as one of the most hardcore and effective supplement manufacturers in the world. For Australia, blends like those found in Blackstone products aren’t common – they contain plenty of ingredients that Australian supplement companies aren’t often utilising, and therefore Blackstone represents a large point-of-difference from your household supplements manufacturers.

Growth is another strong supplement offering from Blackstone Labs, and is developed to help promote more growth hormone release. Growth hormone (GH) is a significant factor in many desirable bodybuilding results – fat loss, muscle growth and recovery just to name a few. Growth utilises several key ingredients that should be taken before bed to stimulate greater GH release during sleep. Did we mention the packaging is super cool as well?

Blackstone Labs Growth Key Ingredients

- Chlorophytum Borivilianum – We start with an ingredient also known as Safed Musli, which is a traditional Indian medicinal herb that’s quite rare. There have been both animal and human studies on the ingredient, with some excellent results with regards to stress relief, sleep quality, aphrodisiac qualities and most importantly growth hormone release. We’re super excited that this ingredient finds its way into Growth, because we haven’t seen another supplement with it featured.

- L-Tryptophan – This amino acid is in many sleep formulas because it is utilised by the body in making serotonin – a mood stabilising and sleep-inducing hormone.

- L-Theanine – Next up in the Growth formula is l-theanine – an amino acid found in green tea that’s responsible for many of the benefits attributed to the superfood. Theanine is considered a relaxing agent – studies have shown that it reduces stress, promotes better sleep quality and reduces anxiety. This is ideal for anyone living in a high-stress environment and taking in a great number of stimulants to get through their day.

- Valerian Root Extract – Research studies are mixed in evaluating valerian’s effectiveness, but popular opinion is that it’s a potent relaxant and sleep quality improver. This plant is believed to improve the release of GABA, which is a sedating neuro-transmitter released from the brain to signal the body to sleep.

Blackstone Labs Growth Flavours & Sizes

Blackstone Labs Growth comes in a 30-serve tub (165g), in Pineapple flavour.

Blackstone Labs Growth Dosage

Each dose of Growth is 5.5g, 3g of which makes up the Growth Matrix Blend. This blend includes all the active ingredients in Growth, but we aren’t given exact ingredient doses unfortunately. Looking at the individual ingredients in Growth, we can see that a 3000mg blend will be right around an effective dose of each ingredient. For an effectively-dosed product, we’d expect around 1125mg chlorophytum, 500mg tryptophan, 250mg theanine, 500mg carnitine tartrate, 300mg urtica dioica and 450mg valerian. These add up to 3125mg – which is right around where it needs to be.

Blackstone Labs Growth Supplement Facts

Why we like Blackstone Labs Growth

- Well dosed
- Nice blend of staple and unique ingredients
- Assists with sleep, stress and hormone production

The Bottom Line

The importance on quality sleep is underrated in the supplement world, but we’re seeing a shift towards better and better night-time supplements to help lifters recover and grow, not only from their workouts but also the stresses of modern life. Blackstone Labs Growth includes several powerful ingredients to help reduce stress and anxiety, and aid sleep and hormone production – making it one of the most comprehensive all around recovery products out there.