Body War Alpha War Review

1 Jun 2016 David K Supplement Reviews

Body War Nutrition Alpha War Review

Body War Alpha War

We’re always excited to slice open a box that we know has new products in it, but we’re always a little more excited when those products are from Body War Nutrition – it’s no secret that it’s one of our favourite supplement brands. Fully-disclosed labels, cool packaging and some of the best ingredient blends out there – what’s not to love?

Alpha War is the latest offering from Body War, and it’s about time they released a test booster. We’re even more excited that in the age of powdered test boosters and fat burners (many of which are hard to make taste palatable), Alpha War comes in a capsulated product. It’s like the good old days of the hardcore test booster caps. The real question is whether the capsule-based products can stand up to the powdered forms, mainly because of the limitations of how many grams of a product you can actually fit into a capsule. It’s fine to have the world’s best test-boosting ingredients, but they also need to be dosed effectively. Let the battle begin.

Body War Alpha War Key Ingredients

- D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate – DAA is one of the most common supplements now found in test boosters, thanks to recent research showing a whopping bump in free testosterone levels after just 12 days of use at around 3g per day. Alpha War contains DAA with a calcium chelate – allowing it to be better absorbed and utilised by the stomach.

- 20-Hydroxyecdysterone – Commonly referred to as ‘ecdy’, these compounds are naturally-derived plant steroids, and are found in such plants as quinoa, asparagus, spinach and mushrooms. They have been studied by supplement users and researchers for decades, with mixed reviews. Some claim that ecdy is a potent test booster, but research seems to suggest that ecdy is actually a muscle protein synthesis booster (I.E. – it helps you to turn protein into muscle).

- Velvet Bean Extract – Also known as mucuna pruriens, velvet bean extract is another often-used test-boosting supplement, thanks to some research showing increased fertility and testosterone levels after using the extract for three months.

- Horny Goat Weed – Next up in the Alpha War formula is horny goat weed, an ingredient popular in traditional Chinese medicine. Human studies are lacking on the ingredient, but there have been some animal studies showing positive increases in testosterone levels.

- Other ingredients include stinging nettle, tongkat ali, forskolin, milk thistle and resveratrol.

Body War Alpha War Flavours and Sizes

Alpha War comes in a 192-capsule bottle, which equals 64 x 3-capsule serves (a 32-day supply).

Body War Alpha War Dosage

We love the blend of ingredients in Alpha War, and as usual we have the exact percentages to dictate precise doses of each of the ingredients. The problem is that we don’t know exactly how much powder is in each capsule! So this is where some educated guesswork needs to be done. We assume that a standard capsule weighs around 750mg (filled), and you’re getting three capsules per serve = 2250mg. So we’ll base our doses on this number, and obviously at two serves per day (which is the recommended dose), you’re going to double these numbers for your daily intake. Each serve of Alpha War contains (approx.): DAA – 1236mg, ecdy – 215mg, velvet beat – 161mg, stinging nettle – 161mg, horny goat weed – 134mg, fenugreek – 107mg and tongkat ali – 67mg (as well as other ingredients at lower doses). On these numbers, doubling for your daily intake, you’re going to be close to the correct dose for most of these ingredients, but you’ll still be a little low on recommended levels for the majority. That’s the problem with capsule-based products – there’s only so much product you can fit into a capsule. Having said that, the dose of these ingredients is quite a bit higher than comparable products, so you should still be getting some decent return from Alpha War at these doses.

Body War Alpha War Nutrition Info

Why we Like Body War Alpha War

- Comprehensive ingredient blend
- Compounds for strength, libido, testosterone and recovery
- Capsules make these horrible-tasting compounds much easier to take

The Bottom Line

Body War Alpha War is for sure one of the better capsule-based test boosters on the market today, although it falls quite a bit short of that ‘perfect’ level. The ingredients selected in the blend are excellent – for muscle growth, hormone output and strength, although we would have loved to see maybe a 15-20% bump in the compound doses to really hit home.

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