Protein King’s Cheapest Protein Powders of 2017

27 Apr 2017 James K Supplement Reviews

Protein King’s Cheapest Protein Powders of 2017

When times are tough, the supplement budget is often the first thing to take a hit. After all, whether you’re a hard-training athlete, or an everyday Jack or Jill, food should be one of the most important considerations on your list.

But what if you could still supplement effectively and manage your other financial commitments? Well, that’s what many of us do each week, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of the Cheapest Protein Powders of 2017.

We’ve listed our cheapest products by category, and we’ve not taken into account any of our current specials. Of course, when we have great deals running, you’ll be able to beat these prices, but the point of this list is to give you options available every day that can help you maximise your training response and recovery ability, without breaking the bank. Prices are listed per kilogram, and take into account product purity (e.g. a 75% protein supplement vs a 90% protein supplement). So, here we go!

Cheapest WPI (Whey Protein Isolate)

Whey protein isolate is the favoured protein supplement for the majority of athletes looking for a quick-digesting, low carb and low fat option. WPI is the ideal post-training protein powder, and combines a great ratio of amino acids for growth and recovery. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive options as well – many WPI products retail at well over $50/kg. But there are some excellent options that don’t break the bank, like the three below!


Protein King Pure WPI

  Protein King Pure WPI

Price: 3kg for $119.95 = $39.98/kg
Protein: 86% / Carbs: 4% / Fat 1%

A fantastic option that we had made specifically to use ourselves, Protein King Pure WPI is a high-protein, low-fat, low-carb WPI that comes in at a fantastic price, under $40/kg!

 Balance WPI Protein

Balance WPI Protein

Price: 2.8kg for $137.95 = $49.27/kg
Protein: 89% / Carbs: 3% / Fat 1%

Another great choice, super-high quality Balance WPI features the highest protein content WPI we stock, at 89% protein!

 International Protein Amino-Charged WPI

International Protein Amino Charged WPI

Price: 3kg for $145 = $48.33/kg
Protein: 88% / Carbs: 4% / Fat 1%

Rounding out our top three WPI’s, International Protein’s Amino Charged WPI is a great all-rounder, and offers a wide range of excellent flavours under that $50/kg mark.

Cheapest Protein Powder Blend

For those who want an all-round protein powder that delivers a quick burst of amino acids (from WPI for example), as well as more sustained-release proteins from whey concentrate and casein, a protein blend is your ideal choice.

There are so many protein blends on the market to choose from, and a good rule of thumb is to look for one with at least 75% protein at under $40/kg – so that’s what we’ve done for you! Here are our top three Cheapest Protein Powder Blends.


 Balance 100% Whey Protein WPC/WPI

Balance 100% Whey Protein

Price: 2.8kg for $99 = $35.36/kg
Protein: 81% / Carbs: 6% / Fat 5%

Another Balance product makes our Cheapest Protein Powders 2017 list, this time with Balance 100% Whey Protein. At a whopping 81% protein and priced around the $35/kg mark for a 2.8kg bucket – you don’t need to commit to a 4.5kg bag for a great deal!

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

Price: 4.5kg for $159.95 = $35.54/kg
Protein: 75% / Carbs: 6% / Fat 6%

Dymatize Elite Whey has been around for many years, and is a solid choice offering some excellent flavours, and a nice blend of WPI, WPC and whey peptides.

Optimum Gold Standard Whey 5lb

Price: 4.54kg for $169.95 = $37.43/kg
Protein: 79% / Carbs: 10% / Fat 3%

Perhaps the best-known protein in the world is Optimum Gold Standard Whey. It also happens to be one of the cheapest, at well under the $40/kg mark, which equates to around $1.12 per scoop. With an un-beaten flavour choice to boot, Gold Standard is a deserved leader in the protein blend market.

Cheapest Casein Protein

The king of slow-release proteins, casein protein is the ideal night-time option to keep supplying your muscles with amino acids over longer periods of fasting. Casein protein powders are a thick, creamy protein powder which makes a great dessert option as well!

Caseins are generally a little lower in protein than their whey counterparts, so look for a product above the 75% protein mark, at around the $50/kg price point.


 International Protein M-Casein

 International Protein Casein

Price: 3kg for $137.95 = $45.98/kg
Protein: 76% / Carbs: 9% / Fat 2% 

Great-tasting casein at a great price – what more can you ask for?


Max's Anabolic Night

Price: 1.82kg for $89.90 = $49.40/kg
Protein: 82% / Carbs: 7% / Fat 3%

While Max’s Anabolic Night isn’t a strict casein-only protein powder (it contains some WPC), it is an excellent night-time product, and the only one on this list with added ingredients to promote restful sleep. It’s also 82% protein, which is the highest on this list!


Optimum Nutrition Casein 

Price: 1.8kg for $99.95 = $55.53/kg
Protein: 75% / Carbs: 9% / Fat 2%

Rounding out our Cheapest Casein Protein list, Optimum Gold Standard Casein is a good all-round option, delivering bang on 75% protein at $55/kg.


Cheapest Plant-Based Protein Powder

For those following a vegan/vegetarian diet, or for anyone who suffers GI distress from milk-based protein products, there are some great plant-based options on the market.

Since they are a niche option, they do come in quite a bit higher in price than whey and casein protein. Nonetheless, when you compare the cost-per-gram of protein to actual food, these plant-based protein powders fare quite well!


International Protein Naturals Iso-Pea

International Protein Iso-Pea

Price: 900g for $46.95 = $52.17/kg
Protein: 73% / Carbs: 11% / Fat 4%

One of the best options on this list – a flavoured pea protein with over 70% protein, at just over $50/kg, International Protein Iso-Pea is a great choice.


Price: 900g for $46.95 = $52.17/kg
Protein: 91% / Carbs: 2% / Fat 0%

 Another excellent choice from International Protein with an amazing 91% protein, the only drawback we see to this Rice Protein is that there are no flavoured options.


Body Science Organic Plant Protein

Price: 350g for $25.95 = $74.14/kg
Protein: 78% / Carbs: 16% / Fat 2%

An organic option featuring a vegan protein blend plus superfoods, BSc Organic Plant protein comes in at around $1.85/serve, which is still quite an affordable option for anyone looking for a plant-based protein option.


 SAN Raw Fusion

Price: 1.8kg for $112.95 = $62.75/kg
Protein: 70% / Carbs: 17% / Fat 2%

Another great blend of plant proteins, including pea, rice and artichoke, SAN Raw Fusion comes in the largest size of any of the plant proteins at 1.8kg – which means you’ll save a little more as compared to the smaller tubs. The flavours of Raw Fusion are also excellent, which is tough to get right with plant proteins.


So there’s our list of Cheapest Protein Powders 2017 – some excellent options for anyone looking to supplement with protein on a budget!

Please note this list is subject to change – prices fluctuate all the time – but we’ll do our best to update it.

Also, don’t forget to check our Specials page for current deals, which in many cases will be the absolute cheapest products we stock!


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