Controlled Labs Blue Up Review

8 Mar 2017 David K Supplement Reviews

Controlled Labs Blue Up Review

While Controlled Labs has always been a popular supplement company in Australia and abroad, recent changes to the distributorship down under have meant that Australians now have far easier access to a whole bunch of Controlled Labs supplements that were previously hard to get our hands on. With test boosters, fat burners, pre-workouts and many other products, Controlled Labs is one of the most respected and comprehensive supplement brands out there currently.

Blue Up is Controlled Labs’ natural testosterone booster, loaded with ingredients to not only stimulate your body’s production of total testosterone, but also to free up bound testosterone so that your body can use it to make those hard-fought gains.

Controlled Labs Blue Up Key Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is the first ingredient in Blue Up’s “Blue Up Complex”, and it’s included for its’ ability to increase luteinizing hormone within the body, which in turn increases the body’s ability to increase overall testosterone production. Tribulus is one of the most popular ingredients in test boosters worldwide for this reason.

Avena Sativa

The next ingredient in the “Blue Up Complex” is avena sativa – also known as oat extract. This compound helps test levels by helping testosterone to unbind from other compounds within the body and become available for use in the bloodstream.

Eurycoma Longifolia

This ingredient is commonly referred to as longjack or tongkat ali, and is another widely used ingredient in test boosters. Longjack has been shown in research to reduce cortisol and boost IGF-1 levels within the body, but as a test booster, longjack increases testosterone production and reduces the testosterone that is converted to estrogen. Overall – an increase in total and free testosterone.


In this stimulant version of Blue Up you’ll find caffeine. This isn’t a test boosting supplement, but it is a performance enhancer – allowing you to get the maximum benefit from your workout. Don’t want the caffeine? No problem – the stim-free Blue Up is caffeine-free.

Controlled Labs Blue Up Flavours & Sizes

Blue Up comes in a 60 capsule bottle (30 serves), in a stimulant and stimulant-free version.

Controlled Labs Blue Up Dosage

Each dose of Blue Up is two capsules – which is 1100mg (non-stim) or 1275mg (stim version) in total. Of the 1100mg “Blue Up Complex”, you’re getting the three main ingredients – tribulus, avena sativa and longjack – however we can’t discuss exact doses here because they aren’t disclosed. For a capsule-based product, this total dose is pretty much in line with other test boosters.


Why we like Controlled Labs Blue Up

- Simple, research-based ingredient blend
- Stim and stim-free versions
- Around $1.40/day for a full months’ supply

The Bottom Line

Controlled Labs Blue Up is one of many new products to hit the Australian market thanks to recent improvements in Australian distributorship of this mega-brand. Like most of Controlled Labs range, Blue Up is simple and no-nonsense – combining just three (non-stim) or four (stim) active ingredients to help you not only increase your natural testosterone production, but decrease estrogenic effects and improve your free test levels.

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