Cyborg Sport iBCAA Fusion Review

10 Sep 2016 James K Supplement Reviews

Cyborg Sport iBCAA Fusion Review

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Cyborg Sport is a relatively new Australian supplement company, coming on the market in 2011. Their mission, like all good supplement manufacturers, is to fill the void in the market left by companies who release ineffective and expensive products. Since their inception, Cyborg Sport has gained a strong following with products like their iBCAA Fusion and Ultra Leaan Protein.

iBCAA Fusion is Cyborg’s amino acid supplement, developed with a very simple yet effective mix of ingredients to help support your recovery and muscle growth.

Cyborg Sport iBCAA Fusion Key Ingredients

- Branched Chain Amino Acids – We would hope the main ingredient in iBCAA Fusion is BCAA’s, and yes it is. Each serve of iBCAA Fusion contains 7g of BCAA’s, with leucine the highest-dosed one in a 2:1:1 ratio (as is the standard nowadays). Of course the reason people supplement with branched chain amino acids is to boost muscle recovery, stimulate protein synthesis, reduce soreness and reduce catabolism.

- Glutamine – The next amino acid in iBCAA Fusion is l-glutamine, which is the most abundant amino acid within the human body. Glutamine is often regarded as a ‘conditionally-essential’ amino acid, meaning that it is necessary to take it in food or supplement form in times when the body cannot make enough glutamine on its’ own. These include times of physical stress and illness.

- Carnitine – The next two ingredients in iBCAA Fusion are different isomers of carnitine – l-carnitine l-tartrate, and acetyl-l-carnitine. Carnitine is one of the most studied supplements on the market, and has plenty of positive research showing its’ ability to reduce fatigue, increase energy production and reduce body fat.

Cyborg Sport iBCAA Fusion Flavours & Sizes

iBCAA Fusion comes in a 60-serve and 90-serve size, in Wild Raspberry, Icy Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, Sweet Passionfruit and Fresh Pineapple flavours.

Cyborg Sport iBCAA Fusion Dosage

Each serve of iBCAA Fusion is 11g, of which you’re getting 7g BCAA’s, 2.5g glutamine and 1g carnitine – for a total of 10.5g active ingredients per 11g serve (95%). For a flavoured product, this is the highest percentage of active ingredient we’ve ever seen! One scoop in water gives 7g of BCAA’s and 3.5g of the other amino acids, which is on par, if not more, than most other BCAA supplements – so that’s all you’ll need for a standard workout. Obviously if you are lifting multiple times per day, or doing a more demanding/longer sport, you can increase the dose as necessary.

Why we like Cyborg Sport iBCAA Fusion

- 95% active ingredients
- Five flavours, two sizes
- Great mixability

The Bottom Line

In a supplement market saturated by BCAA supplements, Cyborg Sport iBCAA Fusion is a clear frontrunner. With so many positives, including flavours, mixability and active ingredient content, iBCAA Fusion should be strongly considered by anyone looking for a BCAA product.

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