EHP Labs PSI Review

27 May 2016 David K Supplement Reviews

EHP Labs PSI Review


EHP Labs has been one of the leaders in the supplement world in recent years, thanks mainly to Oxyshred and Beyond BCAA. Unlike many other supplement companies in this time period, EHP Labs seems to be only gaining strength, and is now a true powerhouse in Australia. As well as a few new flavours in their two flagship products, EHP Labs has recently released two new pre-workout supplements (yes, we all loved Buzz, but that’s gone). The first of the two we’ll look at is EHP Labs PSI Vasodilator.

EHP Labs PSI is a stim-free pre-workout, joining the ranks of other non-stim products coming onto the market recently, such as GAT PMP and Rich Piana Full as F*ck. As expected, PSI combines some of the best pump and volumising ingredients out there for a nice workout boost without the caffeine or other stimulants. Here’s what’s in it:

EHP Labs PSI Key Ingredients

- Citrulline Malate – A staple nowadays in pre-workouts, PSI starts off with citrulline malate – one of the best bloodflow maximisers on the market. Citrulline, of course, is found mainly in watermelon, and is a potent nitric-oxide producer.

- L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate – AAKG is the next ingredient in PSI, being another staple nitric oxide enhancer. NO-boosters increase bloodflow to muscles, resulting in the skin-tightening and vein-filling sensation known as the ‘pump’.

- Agmatine – EHP Labs PSI next delivers agmatine, which is one of the more promising supplements on the pre-workout shelf, being another NO-booster.

- Taurine – Taurine is another strong pre-workout ingredient, and you’ll find it in most of the pre training products out there today. This amino acid has been shown to increase bloodflow and increase exercise capacity.

EHP Labs PSI Flavours & Sizes

EHP PSI comes in a 300g (40 serves) tub, in Blue Raz, Fruit Xplosion and Kiwi Strawberry flavours.

EHP Labs PSI Dosage

The max serving size for EHP Labs PSI is one scoop per day, which is 7.5g. This makes PSI quite unique at a 40-serve bottle size – normally these aren’t 40 maximum-dose serves (which means you’re encouraged to up the serving size for full effect). Nope, PSI says clearly: ‘DO NOT EXCEED 1 SCOOP PER DAY’. So, in each of your 40 scoops, you’ll be getting a 5.2g blend of the ingredient blend, in the following order: citrulline malate, AAKG, agmatine sulfate, l-taurine, l-tyrosine, norvaline, beet root powder. Unfortunately that’s about as much info as we have with regard to doses, so you’re going to have to do some educated guesswork for exact doses. None of these ingredients require massive doses, but there are some (like the citrulline malate) which will be a little under what we’d like to see. With the warning on the label, at least a few of the ingredients will be included at the maximum daily dose, so you should definitely not exceed one scoop per day.

EHP Labs PSI Nutrition Info

Why we like EHP Labs PSI

- Stim-free
- Three awesome flavours
- 40 full serves per tub

The Bottom Line

While it’s not going to be as popular as Oxyshred, or even C4 or Pre JYM for that matter, the new EHP Labs PSI is a solid new offering from EHP Labs. It combines the ingredients you know work to give you a nice pump and some good endurance to power through your workouts with a decently-priced and well-flavoured option.

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