Five Major Benefits of Adrenal Switch

Five Major Benefits of Adrenal Switch

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ADRENAL SWITCH™ was originally formulated as a post workout recovery activator, designed to minimise muscle damage and maximise muscle repair and fat burning. However, it’s largely being used to aid in improving sleep and reducing stress levels due to the addition of specific herbs and ingredients. ADRENAL SWITCH™ has quickly become a crowd favourite because it provides benefits on so many different levels.

Check out the 5 major benefits of this super formula...


Stress may have an incredible negative impact on all areas of your health, performance and aesthetics. Luckily with the combination of Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids found in ADRENAL SWITCH™ you can dramatically reduce the impact it has on the way you look, feel and function.


Sleep is an important part of being human and maintaining physical health and mental function. Without quality sleep it’s hard to support a high standard of health and performance. Your hormones can become unbalanced when sleep is deprived which can wreak havoc on your short and long-term results.

ADRENAL SWITCH™ was originally formulated as a post workout recovery activator, designed to minimise muscle damage and maximise muscle repair and fat burning. However, it’s largely being used before bed by an increasing number of people due to the addition of Ashwaganda. This herb is arguably the most researched adaptogen on the planet and its botanical name Withania somnifera, loosly translates to “to sleep”.

Ashwaganda is a super botanical that has been used in ayvurvedic medicine for centuries. It is best known for its ability to regulate cortisol which is the stress hormone. Its adaptogenic nature means Ashwaganda can help raise cortisol if you’re fatigued or lack energy and lower it if your too high strung or feeling on edge.

The great thing about this self-regulation is your stress hormones, and subsequently sex hormones will become balanced as a result. This will provide a better environment for the health and vitality you are seeking.


We have also added L-Leucine to ADRENAL SWITCH™ to help activate muscle protein synthesis or muscle recovery. You are still going to require ALL 9 essential amino acids (like those found in Amino Switch™) to structurally repair muscles, but getting the process started with L-Leucine is critical.

It is equally important to stop the catabolism or muscle breakdown after a strenuous workout. You can’t be in a state of repair and destruction at the same time. To recover we need to stop the breakdown and that’s where added L-Glycine down regulates atrogin-1 (a powerful muscle breakdown pathway), immediately signalling recovery processes.


Once the muscle physiology is taken care of we need to calm the central nervous system (CNS) because immediately after a workout you are still in a flight or fight state.

Your nervous system, which is responsible for recruiting muscle fibres can take 2-3 times longer than your muscles to recover. That is why we formulated ADRENAL SWITCH™ with L-theanine and Magnesium to get a head start on calming your CNS and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This is your rest, digest and recovery system.

Vitamin C has also been added to ADRENAL SWITCH™ at levels that support cortisol control and help enhance cellular regeneration, as an intermediatory co-factor. Meanwhile, Zinc helps to support immune response that is often suppressed after robust workouts and when our bodies are under chronic stress, physically and emotionally. Zinc also enhances sex hormone production and cellular regeneration including hair, skin, nails, gut and muscle.


Finally, Vitamin B6 has been utilised in ADRENAL SWITCH™ to help support energy metabolism and nutrient bioavailability. B6 is considered a nerve vitamin and helps support your nervous system.

ADRENAL SWITCH™ brings all this together in one GREAT TASTING affordable product with maximum benefits.

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Adrenal Switch Benefits

The vast array of ingredients in ADRENAL SWITCH™ work synergistically to support your recovery and sleep process in a convenient and bioavailable way. It’s important to remember ADRENAL SWITCH™ is not a sedative but instead helps calm your body and your overactive mind. This means it can be used any time of the day to help reduce physical and psychological stress.