GAT PMP Review

11 May 2016 Mark W Supplement Reviews

GAT PMP Review

GAT stands for German American Technologies – a name more akin to manufacturing equipment than to supplements, although they’re now a household name when it comes to hardcore bodybuilding supplements. There’s been a recent wave of new GAT supplements coming onto the Australian market in early 2016 – so that means it’s time for some reviews!


It’s lucky that both the brand name GAT and the product name PMP are abbreviated, or they would probably take up your entire screen. PMP stands for ‘Peak Muscle Performance’, so, yes, it’s a pre-workout, that looks to be taking over the Nitraflex product that was so strong for GAT for many years. PMP comes in regular and stim-free versions, and in plenty of flavours (classic GAT style!). So, basically, there’s a little somethin’ for everyone. Let’s look at what’s in it…

GAT PMP Key Ingredients

NO Enhancers – These are the ‘usual suspects’ found at the crime scenes of your most destructive workouts – beta-alanine, citrulline and citrulline malate, as well as two (in our opinion) fairly underrated pump ingredients – arginine malate and norvaline. Put these together and what do you get? A nice hit of blood-flow and endurance-boosting ingredients.

Pump Accelerators – It just goes to show the recent focus on pump-boosting pre-workouts nowadays that you can have separate pump blends in the same product. PMP not only has the nitric oxide enhancers listed above, but also a combination of ‘pump accelerators’ which include agmatine sulfate, glycerol monostearate, AAKG and calcium lactate. We like.

  • Focus & Cognition Modulators – Next up we have two ingredients included for their focus enhancing capabilities – n-acetyl l-tyrosine and l-theanine. These two ingredients are pretty widespread nowadays, but having said that , they are two of the better ones for focus, concentration and that nice tunnel-vision feeling you get in the weights room on a good day.

  • Energetics – Cool name! This blend includes two products in the regular version – caffeine anhydrous and acetyl-l-carnitine HCl, but take out the caffeine for the stim-free PMP. Acetyl-l-carnitine has a wide variety of uses, but in this case it’s being included for its’ cognitive enhancing capabilities (so maybe it should be in the Focus blend?). You’re getting a 325mg hit of caffeine anhydrous in the regular PMP, which is a fairly hefty dose for most people.

GAT PMP Flavours & Sizes

PMP comes in 255g tubs, which gives you 30 x 8.5g serves. Flavours on offer are Blue Raspberry and Orange in the stim-free versions, as well as Berry Blast, Green Apple, Raspberry Lemonade and Strawberry Banana in the regular versions.

GAT PMP Dosage

The doses in PMP are fairly standard for a pump product, although as always we’d like to see a little more of certain ingredients. A 3125mg NO blend means that at least one of the ingredients is missing in ideal doses (probably the citrullines towards the end of the blend), and we also like grams rather that milligrams of glycerol for a serious pump. In this case, it might be better to go for the stim-free versions and up the dose a little, although there are plenty of crazy people out there who don’t care for recommendations and warnings and will do it on a 325mg caffeine-per-dose product anyway. Don’t do that, by the way.

What we like about GAT PMP

- Comprehensive blend for ultimate pumps

- Stim-free and regular versions

- Flavours galore

The Bottom Line

GAT PMP is definitely one of the better ones out there, if not for full doses then at least for a comprehensive blend of the best pump-enhancing ingredients on the market, with some great flavours and stim-free and regular options. PMP’s definitely worth a try, and a solid effort from the new line of GAT supplements.