Green Tea X50 v BSc TX100 v Bodywar Lean Tea V2

9 Aug 2017 David K Supplement Reviews

Tribeca Green Tea X50 vs Body Science Green Tea TX100 vs Bodywar Lean Tea V2

Green tea supplements have exploded on to the supplements scene over the last year or so and continue to grow in popularity due to their reported health benefits. Today we are going to take a closer look at three of our top selling green tea supplements and what they have to offer. 

Green Tea X50 by Tribeca Health

Green Tea X50 Banner

What are Polyphenols? Polyphenols are micronutrients with antioxidant activity. They have anti-inflammatory properties, and are believed to help reduce the progression of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. They also play an important role in increasing the ratio of beneficial bacteria in your gut, which is important for disease prevention, weight management and overall health. They are found naturally in green tea, as well as a host of other foods such as fruits, vegetables, red wine and legumes.

Green Tea X50 contains a whopping 20 cups of green tea polyphenols per serve with only 10 calories. It not only claims to be a powerful antioxidant, but it also stimulates metabolism and fat burning, increases energy, and improves physical performance

If you want the biggest flavour choice, this brand would be it, with a total of 8 flavours so far… Peach, Original, Passionfruit, Chocolate, Tropical, Iced Coffee, Mango and Raspberry.

At Protein King’s super competitive price of just $45 for a box of 60 x 3g satchets, that works out to be only 75 cents per serve!

Green Tea TX100 by Body Science

Body Science Green Tea TX100 Banner

When consumed in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and an appropriate physical training or exercise program, Body Science claims that Green Tea TX100 may help to stimulate thermogenesis, aid healthy weight management, aid detoxification, boost metabolism, maintain alertness, increase antioxidant activity, increase the bodies energy expenditure, support immunity by replenishing good bacteria, maintain a healthy digestive system, and support good health and vitality.

What are probiotics? Probiotics help maintain a healthy digestive system by replenishing good bacteria in your gut, and preventing pathogenic disease-causing microorganisms from flourishing. Green Tea contains 3 Billion CFU’s (colony forming units) of good bacteria in the form of Lactobacillus plantarum.

Greentea TX100 comes in four flavours... Watermelon, Mango Fusion, Super Berry, and Pineapple Coconut, as well as three different sizes, a 20 x 3g pack, 60 x 3g pack, and a 100 x 3g pack. Going for the bulk 100 pack variety, you’re looking at an incredibly low 67 cents per serve!

Lean Tea V2 by Body War Nutrition

BodyWar Lean Tea V2 Banner

Lean Tea V2 is the one and only tea product that has harnessed the power of four different teas: matcha green tea, green tea, white tea and yerba mate. Lean Tea V2 also contains achyranthes aspera and banaba leaf to help with appetite control, as well as lemon balm which is amazing for digestive health.

Lean Tea V2 is quite a comprehensive green tea supplement. It has your antioxidant properties, digestive health properties, as well as taking care of your energy and fat burning requirements with added raspberry ketones, african mango, panax ginseng and naringin.

Body War’s Lean Tea V2 comes in a 64 serve tub and offers five delicious flavours: Passion Fruit, Green Apple, Kiwi Lime, Mango and Raspberry. Each serve is a little more than the above two options at 3.6g. At Protein King’s price of $49.95/tub, that works out at 78 cents a serve!

So there you have it. A run down on all three of our top selling green tea supplements. As you can see, each one offers unique benefits, whether it be antioxidants, energy, digestive health or fat burning properties, whatever your goals happen to be, you can’t go wrong in choosing any of them!

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