Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Review

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Review

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Over here at Protein King, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest brands, and they’re almost always not the most marketed either. That’s why when we came across Kaged Muscle (which is quite popular overseas), and we saw the ingredient blends they’ve come up with, we had to stock them. Kaged Muscle is Kris Gethin’s brand, and he promotes a long line of effective supplements based on peer-reviewed research, with no proprietary blends, and with quality and purity guarantees. We like.

Pre-Kaged is the premium pre-workout in the Kaged Muscle range, and is a mega-dosed powerhouse in the same style as Pre JYM and Nutrex Outlift. At 32g per serve and only 3g of that being carbs, you’re getting a whopping dose of active ingredient in Pre-Kaged. As a first for Australia, here’s what you’ll find in every bottle of Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged from Protein King:

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Key Ingredients

Pro-Pump Blend

First up in the Pre-Kaged mix is a blend of two ingredients – l-citrulline (6.5g) and QU995 quercetin (200mg). Notice firstly that you’re getting pure l-citrulline and not citrulline malate, which is citrulline bound to malic acid. Pure citrulline at 6.5g per serve is a massive dose that’s sure to give you some impressive pumps. Quercetin is an antioxidant that’s most likely added to the mix as it improves the bio-availability of other ingredients, such as citrulline.

Muscle Fuel Matrix

Next in the Pre-Kaged lineup is a BCAA blend, of leucine (1750mg), isoleucine (875mg) and valine (875mg), which is a 2:1:1 blend. We love seeing BCAA’s in pre-workouts, even at only a few grams per serve, as what most people don’t realise is that you’re catabolic from the moment you start lifting weights. BCAA’s are some of the quickest and most-effective ingredients to stave off catabolism and improve workout performance and recovery times.


This next blend is actually one ingredients – more leucine! Leucine is, exactly as the title suggests, an anabolic activator – which switches on the mTOR pathway in muscle cells to signal growth.

Endura-Burn Matrix

This is one of the most effective combinations of ingredients in the Pre-Kaged blend, combining CarnoSyn beta-alanine (1.6g), BetaPower betaine (2g) and creatine HCl (1.5g). This is a commonly-used blend in pre and intra-workout supplements, and has a mountain of research showing effectiveness at improving endurance, strength, recovery and power production. Notice the doses are all at full, research-validated levels. So far, so good, Pre-Kaged!

Hydrate & Defend

We’re seeing more and more supplements throwing in an antioxidant blend, like this one in Pre-Kaged. With coconut water powder (500mg) and a 100mg blend of several antioxidants such as broccoli concentrate, acai, spinach, kale and green coffee, this is another ‘covering the bases’ addition to Pre-Kaged that elevates it further as an effective all-round supplement.

Neuro-Focus Matrix

Finally, for the stim-junkies, this blend includes all you need to get BUZZED. Taurine (2g), n-acetyl-l-tyrosine (1g), l-tyrosine (850mg) and PurCaf caffeine (274mg) will do the job for focus, energy, concentration and soreness reduction.

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Ingredients

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Flavours & Sizes

Pre-Kaged comes in a 20-serve tub in Krisp Apple and Fruit Punch flavours.

Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged Dosage

As with any fully-dosed pre-workout, one full dose is all you need! Each scoop contains 31.9g of product, and of that scoop you’re getting whopping doses of all the active ingredients. Caffeine is at 274mg, which is right about where we like it – a good buzz without the jitters. You only need one scoop per day, so you’ll get 20 full workouts-worth of Pre-Kaged in every tub. Currently priced at $64.95, that works out to be around $3.25 per serve, which comes in much cheaper than Pre-Kaged’s two closest competitors – JYM Pre JYM and Nutrex Outlift (each at $3.65/serve).

Why we like Kaged Muscle Pre-Kaged

  • Fully-dosed
  • Comprehensive blend that even includes antioxidants and superfoods
  • Priced cheaper than closest competitors

The Bottom Line

We can’t say enough good things about Kaged Muscle’s Pre-Kaged at the moment. What a great introduction to the Australian market, with Pre-Kaged offering a comprehensive, effective, researched and powerful formula that delivers on all aspects of your pre-workout needs.