Max's Shred System Review

18 Aug 2016 David K Supplement Reviews

Max’s Shred System Review

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The new Max’s Premium Proteins range has landed just in time for the August 2016 challenge, and with five brand new Max’s products on our shelves, it’s time for us to review them and let you know what to expect! Max’s has really looked to zero-in on what athletes need in their protein – from amateur right up to the professional level, and the new Premium Proteins range features high-quality raw materials blended for a perfect mix of taste, value-for-money and performance.

Max’s Shred System is the Supershred-like thermogenic protein in the new Max’s Premium Proteins range, and features a five-protein blend, as well as fat-burning, carb-blocking and health-supporting ingredients all in one 2.27kg tub. Shred System also comes in at a lot cheaper than the Supershred, which was definitely one of the barriers preventing gym junkies from jumping on Max’s thermogenic protein.  Here’s what you’ll find in Max’s Shred System:

Max’s Shred System Key Ingredients

- Lean Protein Blend – This blend makes up the bulk of Shred System, and combines whey protein isolate, concentrate, hydrolysed whey peptides, calcium caseinate and milk protein isolate. What you’ve got here is a blend of the best proteins on offer, with varied digestion and absorption rates. This makes Shred System ideal for pre or post-workout, morning, night or any other time of the day.

- Fat Incinerating Complex – Designed to torch your body fat, this ingredient matrix combines seven more ingredients – CLA, green tea extract, raspberry ketones, African mango, guarana, acetyl-l-carnitine and caffeine. These are some of the more popular fat-burning ingredients on the market, and Max’s fans will be familiar with most of these ingredients in Supershred and Hydroxyphase before that.

- Carb Blocking Complex – Three ingredients make up this Carb Blocking Complex – garcinia cambogia, phaseolamin and green coffee extract. There’s no secret as to what their job is – to block the absorption of carbohydrates into the body.

- Nitrogen Retention Complex – Leucine, isoleucine, valine and glutamine are the four amino acids in this blend, included for their ability to help recovery, muscle growth and strength.

- Vitamin & Mineral Complex – Finally in the line-up we have a comprehensive vitamin and mineral blend to help fill the nutritional gaps left in your diet.

Max’s Shred System Flavours & Sizes

The new Max’s Shred System comes in a 2.27kg tub (75 serves), in Choc Honeycomb, Vanilla Smoothie and Chocolate Brownie flavours.

Max’s Shred System Dosage

Max's Shred System Nutrition Info

Like Supershred, Shred System contains approximately 75 x 30g serves per package. Each of the 30g serves delivers 22.6g protein from the blend, with 3g carbohydrates, 0.7g fat and 50mg caffeine. We don’t have doses for the other ingredients. While the protein per serve is lower than we found in Supershred, this is most probably due to the addition of the other protein sources that lower the overall protein content as compared to whey protein isolate. Of course these sources (WPC, casein, milk protein isolate) have their benefits as well, and they’re a key factor why Shred System will set you back only $1.53/serve compared to Supershred’s $1.87/serve.

Why we like Max’s Shred System

- Three great flavours
- Comprehensive blends of proteins, fat burners, carb blockers and vitamins/minerals
- Great price

The Bottom Line

You asked, and Max’s delivered – a high-quality thermogenic protein powder at a far better price than Supershred. Max’s Shred System is going to be a staple for not only people doing the Max’s Challenge, but for anyone serious about earning a ripped physique with hard training, a great diet and key supplementation.

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