Meal Prep Tips for a Busy Week

22 Jun 2017 Matty Cuschieri Matty's Blog

Meal Prep Tips for a Busy Week

Matty Cuschieri Protein King Sponsored Athlete

Gym and food: the common combination of any fitness enthusiast.  Most people these days are now aware of how your diet can impact your results in the gym. We are now seeing more and more people emphasising their diet more with food ideas and creativity. But for those who don’t have the time to create these luscious dishes or for those who prefer a quicker meal, I’m here to give you guys a little insight into the staples of my diet and how I keep my food regimen on point. I work a 9-5:30pm job which keeps me quite busy so Monday to Friday can definitely be a challenge creating fancy meals. I usually tend to keep Monday to Friday lunch prepped, with Friday night and the weekend being easier to create meals.

Now here’s my list of recommendations when looking to making your “prep” game cheaper, easier and tastier:

-          Shop around before and look for the best price by the kilogram.

-          Buy meats in bulk from a butcher over your local grocer. Your wallet will thank you!

-          Opt for quicker to cook carbs e.g. rice, oats and potatoes.

-          Buy fruits and veg from a market or fruit shop rather than a grocer.

-          Look to cook your meats a kilo at a time and refrigerate leftovers so they are ready to go.

-          Season your meals. No one likes bland food, and salt in moderation is not your enemy!

-          Invest in a good quality protein powder to fill your protein needs when on the go. This will save you cooking time when those busy days just take over.

-          Frozen vegetables make getting your micronutrients easier. I know there’s a debate whether or not frozen is good, but opt for fresh frozen produce to help with easier and quicker preparation wherever you can.

-          Have a few Tupperware containers on hand and don’t be afraid to prep and store meals ahead. You’ll thank yourself when you wake up remembering your meals were ready to go and be taken to work without the need to stress of thinking “what am I going to eat today?”.

-          Store a few snacks at the office. Rice cakes, nuts, fruit etc. These are all great snacks to have at hand to save you from ducking out when the mid-afternoon munchies hit and you end up back at the desk with a bag of Doritos. As good as that might sound….no no no!!!!

So those are a few of my quick tips to help you keep your diet in check during the week. Now no one is saying to be super strict because I’m all about balance, but I promise you this - if you keep Monday to Friday in check and kick back slightly over the weekend (within reason of course) your progress will nonetheless continue and you’ll be able to still enjoy those few treats and chase that body you’ve always wanted!