MuscleTech Mission1 Bars Review

21 Jul 2016 Ellie E Supplement Reviews

MuscleTech Mission1 Bars Review

MuscleTech Mission1 Clean Protein Bars

MuscleTech is known for consistently producing innovative and exciting products, whether they are protein powders, creatines, pre-workouts or any other category you can think of. MuscleTech is truly a world leader in sports supplements, and is one of the most recognisable brands on any supplement shelf.

With the recent surge in popularity for ‘clean’ protein bars, thanks mainly to Quest Bars, more and more supplement companies are releasing protein bars with minimal net carbs – ideal for any diet. Enter the MuscleTech Mission1 Clean Protein Bars. These bars, in the same fashion as Quest and so many other ‘clean’ bars deliver a nice protein hit, with minimal usable carbs and sugars. The result is a great-tasting protein bar that fits in with almost any macro breakdown you might be using.

MuscleTech Mission1 Bars Key Ingredients

- Protein Blend – The Mission1 Bars protein blend consists of two of the best protein sources you’ll find – milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate. These not only give the bars a great texture, but they deliver a nice helping of essential amino acids that work to rebuild damaged muscle tissue and boost a variety of processes within the body.

- Isomalto-Oligosaccharides – These are the carbs of choice for the majority of the low net-carb protein bars on the market, and with good reason. This carb source is nice a bulky – filling out a protein bar and crushing your hunger, but being made up of such a high fibre content, these bars do not provide any ‘net’ carbs to the body. This is due to the fact that fibre is not stored within the body, but only excreted.

- Other Ingredients – The majority of the remaining ingredients in Mission1 Protein Bars are just as clean, with ingredients such as almonds, cocoa butter, stevia, cocoa, sea salt and erythritol making the list.

MuscleTech Mission1 Bars Flavours & Sizes

MuscleTech Mission1 Bars don’t yet come in the range that Quest Bars do, but they have three impressive flavours to begin with – Chocolate Brownie, Choc Chip Cookie Dough and Cookies & Cream. Like Quest, Mission1 Bars come in boxes of 12x60g bars.

MuscleTech Mission1 Bars Dosage

Each 60g Mission1 Bar will deliver (depending on flavour) 20-21g protein, 21-24g carbs (4-5g ‘net’ carbs) and 6-8g of fat, for an average of 200 calories per bar. These are great numbers, making Mission1 Bars the ideal snack between meals for anyone who needs a nice protein boost whilst satisfying a snack craving at the same time. In true MuscleTech fashion, these bars taste incredible.

MuscleTech Mission1 Bars Nutrition Info

Why we like MuscleTech Mission1 Bars

- Low net carbs
- Excellent flavours
- All macros comparable to Quest Bars

The Bottom Line

While this bar has been done by Quest, and a couple other companies since, MuscleTech has certainly entered the market with a very solid product – the Mission1 Clean Protein Bars. With low net carbs, high protein and only 200 calories per bar, as well as signature MuscleTech deliciousness, Mission1 is definitely going to have Quest fans questioning their loyalty.