My Top Five Favourite Supplements

My Top 5 Favourite Supplements

Protein King Sponsored Athlete Matty

When I first hit the gym many years ago it for me was always about just smashing the iron, lifting heavy and eating for recovery. Slowly over time I noticed I wasn’t progressing that much really.

I mean, yes there was some changes physically, but I wasn’t really feeling energised, recovered or fuelled up to train each day. Through my younger years training, supplementation was something I lacked. Looking back now, had I had done my research I would have progressed at much faster rate.

Years have passed and much has be learnt in terms of proper supplementation. After completing certifications in Fitness I began looking into the supplements that, in my opinion, you shouldn’t be without. Years have passed and a lot more progress has been made. Faster recovery, more growth and larger energy levels.

So I think it’s time I let you know my 5 supplements I cannot go without.

1) Protein Powder

My pick: Optimum Gold Standard Whey.

So why do I say Protein Powder ?

I’ve always found that protein can be the under eaten macronutrient. Protein powder is a nice convenient way of hitting my protein needs for the day.


2) Creatine Monohydrate

My pick: Gen-Tec Creatine.

So why creatine monohydrate ?

Creatine pulls water into your muscle cells to assist with muscle hydration and promotes the increase of protein synthesis. I believe this is essential for recovery.


3) Multi-Vitamins

My pick: Controlled Labs Orange Triad.

I believe a great multi-vitamin is essential in anyone’s diet. We ingest our majority of important vitamins from foods, but there are lots we lack that cannot be found in the common foods we all consume. Therefore, I believe a multi-vitamin is crucial to cover all basis.


4) Pre-Workout

My pick: Cellucor C4.

Have you ever left work at 5:30pm and made your way to the gym feeling tired before you even entered? Well yep, that’s also me!

A pre-workout like C4 is crucial to get those energy levels soaring and that nice beta-alanine kick to get the body ready for a crushing workout! Love me a scoop or even 2 on #BackDay ;)


5) BCAA’s

My pick: Scivation Xtend.

Using Branched-Chains has been proven to assist with muscle growth over time. Supplementing this as an intra workout will increase energy levels and allow you to train through those long workouts. 2 scoops in your shaker cup and sip through your workout.


So there you go guys. A little brief insight into my top 5 favourite supplements!

Now make sure you go and pick up yours and hit the iron hard! But most of all, make sure you recover and grow!