All About Keto - Part Three: How Do You Get Into Ketosis?

All About Keto

Part Three: How Do You Get Into Ketosis?

How to Get into Ketosis - Coconut

One of the most common questions regard the keto diet is the most simple – how do you get into ketosis? Believe it or not, most healthy people wake up in ketosis after a good night of sleep. The reason for this is that after your evening meal, your body breaks down the food you’ve eaten and uses it for a variety of processes while you’re sleeping. Usually, when your body runs out of food to break down, it starts to produce ketones to continue the fuelling process – and usually by the time you wake up, you’re in ketosis. Of course, eating breakfast (especially a high-carb one!) knocks the majority of people out of ketosis immediately.

Ultra-Low Carb Diets

Most people on ultra-low carb (ULC) diets will eventually hit a ketogenic state, and remain there while they continue to eat that way. There are many exceptions to this rule, such as diabetics or others with insulin or other hormone disruptions. For most healthy people, eating an ULC diet, which delivers a net carbohydrate intake of 30g per day or less, will be in ketosis.

‘Net’ carbs means all the carbohydrates consumed minus indigestible carbs such as fibre.

For some (including many of Protein King’s customers!), a high protein intake from protein-rich foods such as meats, cheeses and supplements will offer the body enough glucose via a process called gluconeogenesis – the body breaks down protein and converts it to glucose. If you’re eating ultra-low carb and are still not in ketosis, you will need to increase your fat intake.

Ketone Salt Supplements

A relatively new category in the supplement world, ketone salt supplements have been shown to almost-immediately put someone into a ketogenic state. This usually takes only minutes, and requires no injections or patches – rather drinking a fruit or chocolate-flavoured supplement. Ketone salt supplements are most commonly beta-hydroxybutyrate bound to salts (such as calcium, sodium and potassium), and effectively put the user into ketosis with a single serve. While these are expensive (they average $6-$7 per serve), they are very convenient and effective. Some of the best-known and most-effective ones out there currently are Perfect Keto Base, KetoSports KetoCaNa, Kiss My Keto Exogenous Ketones, KetoSports KetoForce and Kegenix Prime.

MCT Oils

Another supplement that commonly helps users get into ketosis quickly is medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils.

MCT oils are fats generally derived from coconut or palm oils, which are quickly utilised by the body similarly to a fast-digesting carbohydrate source.

MCT’s are a great addition to foods or drinks to increase the user’s fat intake, but these fats specifically enter the body’s cells quickly, producing a by-product known as acetyl coenzyme-A, which converts to ketones within the body.

MCT oils are a cost-effective and powerful keto supplement, and are widely used in the supplement and health industries. Some of the best MCT supplements out there are Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder, Bulletproof XCT Oil, NOW Foods MCT Oil, Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Blend and KetoSports KetOil.

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