Allmax Nutrition Carbion Review

Allmax Nutrition Carbion Review

Allmax Nutrition Carbion Review

In years gone by, carbohydrate supplementation was unheard of - if you wanted a post-workout insulin spike, you'd just eat a banana or some white bread. But with advances in so many supplement categories, carbohydrate products are one of the most improved, and now form an integral part of any serious weight trainer's stack.

Allmax Nutrition Carbion is one of the most advanced carbohydrate supplements on the market, and is right up there with Gaspari Glycofuse and VPX Carbonx. Allmax Carbion features a blend of 6 different carb sources, as well as a utilisation complex and an electrolyte complex to ensure not only a solid energy boost and insulin spike, but also better digestion, absorption and mineral balance. It's a truly advanced carbohydrate supplement.

Carbion Key Ingredients

  • 6-Carb Complex - Carbion features a blend of six different carbohydrate sources, including fast, medium and slower-digesting sources. These include cyclic dextrin, waxy maize, potato polysaccharide and rice polysaccharide, and ensure that nutrients are shuttled into the muscle cells as quickly and efficiently as possible. They also provide a longer-lasting energy source which prevents the crash many dextrose or maltodextrin-based carb products are known for.

  • Advanced Carb Utilisation Complex - One of the best features of Carbion is this blend of ingredients which combines prickly pear extract, bitter melon extract, d-pinifol and vanadium. These ingredients enhance the uptake of the carbs - ensuring the body can use the maximum amount of these, and reducing any possible GI issues.

  • Ionic Hydration Complex - Since Allmax Carbion is meant to be used as a pre, intra and post-workout energy and recovery product, it makes sense to include a good dose of electrolytes in it. These are essential during times of physical stress and are quickly used up by the body to fire muscles and to send electrical signals through the body.

Carbion Flavours & Sizes

Allmax Carbion is available in a 1080g container, which is 40 x 27g servings. It comes in Fruit Punch flavour.

Carbion Dosage

Depending on your individual needs, you'll get between 20 and 40 servings of Carbion per tub. Each scoop gives you 25g of carbs, which is probably the minimum that you'd want to take in for energy or post-workout, and most people will want to double that to get the full effects of the product. 50g of carbs and 400mg of electrolytes is an excellent pre/intra/post workout ratio for most people.

Why we like Carbion

  • Excellent carb blend
  • Advanced uptake ingredients
  • Electrolytes for performance and recovery


Without a doubt, Allmax Nutrition Carbion has to be one the best carbohydrate supplements on the market at the moment. Featuring an excellent blend of carbohydrate sources, as well as utilisation and hydration ingredients, it's ideal for carb loading, for energy or for recovery, and should be considered by anyone looking to maximise their training.

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