Allmax Nutrition Vitastack Review

Allmax Nutrition Vitastack Review

Allmax Nutrition Vitastack Review

Allmax Nutrition offers an excellent range of supplements; with a product to suit pretty much everyone's training goals. In the Allmax range you'll find a number of protein powders, BCAA's, carb blends and many other supplements to boost performance and aesthetics.

Vitastack is a cutting-edge multivitamin and mineral supplement supplying not only vitamins and minerals, but essential fatty acids, enzymes, amino acids and much more. Each Vitastack pack contains 9 pills, designed to support 7 different functions within the body, including recovery, energy production, nutrient absorption and anabolic stimulation. In the mould of Animal Pak and the new MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Pack, Vitastack is a powerful and comprehensive athletic support supplement.

Vitastack Key Ingredients

  • Anabolinex - The first listed blend in the Vitastack pack is the anabolic stimulation complex, designed to promote optimal performance and muscle building. This features ingredients such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, beta-alanine, leucine, citrulline and arginine - all in combination to promote enhanced physical performance.

  • Skeletocore - This complex is the vitamin and mineral blend you'll find in most multivitamin supplements, containing vitamin C, D, K, calcium, magnesium and a whole list of other ingredients to support your body's processes.

  • Cardiopulse - One of the most impressive ingredient blends in Vitastack, the Cardiopulse blend is an omega-3,6,9 formula from a variety of sources such as fish oil, flaxseed oil and borage oil.

  • Immunocharge - Another excellent addition to the Vitastack product is the Immunocharge complex, which includes ingredients to promote immune function and reduce free-radical damage which comes with hard training. Some of the powerful ingredients include co-enzyme q10, n-acetyl cysteine, curcumin, milk thistle and red wine extract.

Vitastack Flavours & Sizes

Allmax Nutrition Vitastack comes in a 30-pack container, which is 30 serves.

Vitastack Dosage

Each serving pack of Vitastack contains 9 pills, equivalent to a full day supply of the vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. Only one serving is needed per day, at one time, with food. You shouldn't need to increase the dosage of Vitastack, so one tub should always last you 30 days.

Why we like Vitastack

  • Convenient serving packs
  • Comprehensive athletic support
  • Well-dosed blends


While the multivitamin and mineral category in Australia has been fairly underwhelming recently, we're excited with what Allmax Nutrition Vitastack (and later, Arnold Series Iron Pack) gives us. Vitastack is nothing like the one-a-day vitamin you'll find at your local supermarket - instead it's a complete support product designed to promote performance, recovery and growth, and to provide the foundation for intense training. For any hard-training athlete, a supplement like Vitastack is essential.

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