ASN MP50 Review

ASN MP50 Review

ASN MP50 Review

ASN stands for Advanced Sports Nutrition, which is certainly what the company offers any individual who purchases one of their supplements. ASN designs its products with the athlete foremost in mind, and has gained recognition for its line of potent supplements.

MP50 is a weight gainer supplement, designed for anyone who wants to pack on lean mass with a minimum of fat gain. MP50 claims to be the ‘world's best weight gain protein', which is a fairly lofty claim considering the number of weight gainers on the market currently. It features a 50:40 protein to carb blend, with added creatine and glutamine, providing 187 calories per shake.

Key Ingredients

  • Protein - ASN MP50 contains 50% protein, from a blend of whey and casein proteins. These have the ability to provide fast and sustained release amino acids to the bloodstream, which is ideal for muscle growth and minimising fat gain. ASN states that its protein has ‘myoblast expression like properties', which is a technical way of saying that it stimulates muscle growth.
  • Carbohydrates - MP50 is 40% carbohydrates, made up of glucose polysaccharides (maltodextrin). Maltodextrin is one of the quicker digesting carb forms and ideal for providing or restoring muscle energy for exercise.
  • NANO Glutamine and Creatine - MP50 also contains signature NANO creatine and glutamine, which is ultra-micronised to enhance absorption and digestion. Creatine and glutamine help to increase recovery, strength, endurance and muscle growth.

Flavours & Sizes

ASN MP50 is available in a 2.2kg tub, which gives you 45 servings. The flavours on offer are Banana, Chocolate, Mocha and Vanilla.


Each serve of MP50 is 50g, providing 20g of carbohydrates, 25g of protein and 187 calories. This is very low for a weight gainer, and should be the starting point from which someone would look to increase their dosage. Ideally, you'd take three servings of MP50 along with four whole-food meals in a day for weight gain.


ASN certainly isn't the cheapest brand on the market, but MP50 is fairly reasonably priced. For a 50:50 weight gainer, most products would cost around $1.50-$2 per serve, which is where MP50 is placed also. For those who need to increase the serving sizes, a weight gainer becomes more costly, around $3-$4 per double serve. All in all, MP50 is well-priced.


Although ASN's claims are fairly incredible, MP50 does look to be a solid weight gainer. Although we don't know the amounts, it's nice to have the nanorised versions of glutamine and creatine in the mix, which will digest much better than in other weight gainers. For a 50 protein 40 carb blend designed to give a small calorie boost and add gradual weight, MP50 is a good choice.

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