Australias Cheapest Protein Powder 2015

Australia's Cheapest Protein Powder 2015

Australia’s Cheapest Protein Powder 2015

It’s been a while since our last price comparison with protein powders, and they always seem to be the most popular articles we post up. It’s with good reason – prices seemingly increase daily for all our necessities – food, property and transport especially, so people want to make their disposable income last longer. Protein powders are a luxury for some, and a necessity for others, but regardless, most people want to get good bang for their buck.

As usual, we recommend buying in bulk to get the greatest savings – this reduces packaging and allows protein supplement manufacturers to offer a better price per kg. While we could just divide the package size by the cost of the product for the cost per kg, we’ve decided to take it a step further and price the cost of actual protein per kg. This means that protein powders lower in protein percentage will do poorly – after all, we’re looking for the best value. Prices are calculated at Protein King’s current prices, and could change by the time you read this.

If you’re looking to save your hip-pocket some pain, any of these six products represent incredible value-for-money. Being a savvy consumer can save you a fortune over the cost of a year! There are plenty of other solid products out there too, but don’t be fooled by the $100-a-bag protein that only has 50% actual protein in it. Here are our top six picks for Australia’s cheapest protein powder 2015:

1) Universal Ultra Whey Pro
Size: 7.3kg
Price: $209.95
Protein Content: 73.3%
Cost Per Kg of Actual Protein: $39.22

Thanks to a whopping 7.3kg tub, Universal Ultra Whey Pro comes in as the cheapest protein powder per kilo, at just under $40/kg of actual protein. This comes from a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, like most proteins on this list, and the big tub comes in Chocolate Icecream and Vanilla Icecream flavours. Protein percentage is a little low, but at the best value for money on this list, you can afford to increase the dose to hit your protein needs.

2) Redbak Sustain Whey
Size: 3kg
Price: $94.95
Protein Content: 80.3%
Cost Per Kg of Actual Protein: $39.41

Redbak has always provided extremely competitive protein powders high in quality. Sustain Whey is a WPC/WPI blend, with over 80% protein and under $40/kg of actual protein. This is excellent value.

3) Black Widow Low Carb Whey
Size: 4kg
Price: $134.95
Protein Content: 83.4%
Cost Per Kg of Actual Protein: $40.45

From the same manufacturer as Redbak, Black Widow also has some excellent offerings at great prices. With the second-highest protein content on this list of 83.4%, Low Carb Whey is one of the purest and still most cost-effective proteins you can get your hands on.

4) International Protein Superior Whey
Size: 4.55kg
Price: $154.95
Protein Content: 78.0%
Cost Per Kg of Actual Protein: $43.66

International Protein is renowned for high-quality proteins, and Superior Whey is wonderful value at $43.66/kg protein. It’s also the cheapest product on the list with flavours other than Chocolate and Vanilla, with five excellent flavours available.

5) Scitec 100% Whey Protein Professional
Size: 5kg
Price: $169.95
Protein Content: 73.3%
Cost Per Kg of Actual Protein: $46.35

Scitec is one of Europe’s biggest brands, and it’s growing in popularity in Australia rapidly. Their 100% Whey Protein Professional comes in a hefty 5kg tub and in TEN flavours, including Honey Vanilla, Chocolate Hazelnut and Caramel. The protein content is a little lower than the others on this list, but like Ultra Whey Pro, you can increase the dose and still maintain excellent value for money here.

6) Protein King Pure WPI
Size: 3kg
Price: $119.95
Protein Content: 85.7%
Cost Per Kg of Actual Protein: $46.65

Our Protein King Pure WPI was created for us to use ourselves – a super-high quality whey protein isolate with very little additives, which we recently released for the public to enjoy as well. Pure WPI has only five ingredients (depending on the flavour selected), and is the only pure whey protein isolate product on this list, with comparable WPI’s usually over the $60/kg protein mark. At $46.65 (plus a free t-shirt or tank top), Pure WPI is incredible value, and has the highest protein percentage on this list.

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