Best Protein Powder 2013

Best Protein Powder 2013

Protein King's Best Protein Powder 2013

Every year, hundreds of new supplements flood the shelves, and many current ones are reformulated and repackaged. It's difficult for anyone within the industry to keep up with the latest supplement news, let alone an amateur lifter with an interest in supplements. For those people, and for everyone else, help is at hand.

Protein powders are the first port-of-call for anyone looking to gain size, strength or recover from workouts faster. They are backed by years of research and with so much popularity, often manufacturers release 5 or 6 different protein products to suit every individual need. So which is best?

We've compiled a list of our top three protein powders for 2013 based on: ingredients, value for money, taste and versatility.

3) International Protein Synergy 5

Ingredients - 8/10
Value - 7/10
Taste - 8/10
Versatility - 9/10
Overall - 32/40

International Protein is one of Australia's most respected supplement companies, and boasts an impressive protein range. Protein Synergy 5 is one of the better protein powders on the market for a number of reasons. Firstly, it contains five quality protein sources from whey and casein for optimal growth. At over 80% protein, it's one of the higher protein blends on the market. It's fairly well-priced, and can be used anytime of the day or night - an excellent choice for most trainers.

2) Max's SuperWhey

Ingredients - 9/10
Value - 9/10
Taste - 7/10
Versatility - 8/10
Overall - 33/40

Max's is probably Australia's largest supplement company, and definitely stock the largest range of protein supplements in Australia. They're very well-respected, and products like SuperWhey are why. It's around 80% protein, made up of whey isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate (in that order), and has added vitamins and minerals for an additional boost.

The value is where SuperWhey stands above most of the competition - a good whey protein powder is usually at least $40/kg, but with the 4kg and 8kg SuperWhey tubs, you're looking at only $32.50 and $30/kg respectively.

Since it's mainly fast digesting whey protein, SuperWhey is best for morning and pre/post workouts, which is why the versatility score is a little low. All around, an excellent protein powder!

1) MusclePharm Combat Powder

Ingredients - 8/10
Value - 7/10
Taste - 9.5/10
Versatility - 9/10
Overall - 33.5/40

A very close winner, MusclePharm Combat Powder takes out our number one position for best protein powder for 2013. It's an all-around excellent choice for all our categories and deserves to be on top. It features a blend of five different protein sources, as well as added amino acids and digestive enzymes. It's around 75% protein, which is a little lower than the others, but it definitely makes up for it in taste.

Universally regarded as one of the best tasting proteins on the market, Combat Powder comes in a variety of flavours, all of which are delicious.

Probably the best aspect of Combat Powder is its' versatility - it can be used between meals, at night or around workouts; the blend of casein and whey proteins will do the job at any time of the day.

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