Black Widow Hydroxy Whey Review

Black Widow Hydroxy Whey Review

Black Widow Hydroxy Whey Review

Black Widow's recent relaunch is of the most significant events in the Australian supplement industry. Known Australia-wide as offering high quality supplements without the ridiculous marketing claims and the price tags to go with them, the redesigned range is one of the most anticipated and well-designed in recent times.

Hydroxy Whey, one of Black Widow's most popular supplements, has undergone a transformation both in packaging and on the ingredients panel, and can now compete as one of the better fat burning protein powders on the market.

Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend - Black Widow Hydroxy Whey combines whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate for a medium-fast absorbing protein powder extremely high in branched chain amino acids. Each 100g of Hydroxy Whey contains 18.4g of BCAAs, which is around 7.3g per serve. Hydroxy Whey is approximately 75% protein, which is a decent amount, although not the highest on the market.
  • Carnitine - Each serve of Hydroxy Whey contains 50mg of l-carnitine, which is included to assist your body in metabolising fat stores for energy.
  • Green Tea Extract - Hydroxy Whey also has green tea extract (40mg/serve), which is one of the best fat burning ingredients on the market, proven to reduce fat cell size, as well as being a potent antioxidant.
  • Brindleberry - Also known as hydroxycitric acid, brindleberry has been shown to reduce the synthesis of fat in the body, as well as inhibiting the body from storing excess calories as fat.
  • Phaseolamin - Another potent ingredient, Phaseolamin is a white bean extract that has been proven to reduce and delay the digestion of carbohydrates before they can be stored as fat.

Flavours & Sizes

Black Widow Hydroxy Whey is available in a 1kg and 4kg container, which provides 25 or 100 serves. The flavours currently available are Banana and Chocolate.


Each serve of Hydroxy Whey is 40g, which provides almost 30g of protein and around 400mg of the fat-burning ingredients. If there was one complaint about Hydroxy Whey, it would be that the thermogenic ingredients are a little low, although when used multiple times per day (as designed), the levels will be high enough to promote significant fat loss.


For a fat burning protein, Black Widow Hydroxy Whey is one of the best-priced on the market. For $1.50 per serve, it's excellent value.


For anyone looking to lose fat and promote lean muscle growth, Black Widow Hydroxy Whey is an excellent option. It's well-priced, contains a number of research-proven ingredients, and comes in a bulk 4kg size (most competitors offer a 3kg size). If you're on a budget and you want a solid thermogenic protein, you can't go past the new Black Widow Hydroxy Whey.

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