Body Ripped Androbolin Max Review

Body Ripped Androbolin Max Review

Body Ripped Androbolin Max Review

Body Ripped's supplements are amongst the highest quality and most highly-regarded of any on the Australian market, and their sports nutrition products aren't limited to just protein powders.

Body Ripped Androbolin Max is a herbal performance enhancing supplement, designed to maximise testosterone production, increase metabolic rate and boost energy levels. Androbolin Max, although containing testosterone-boosting ingredients, is designed for use by both males and females, who will both benefit from the performance-boost it promises.

Key Ingredients

  • Tribulus Terrestris - Tribulus is usually the first-picked herb found in test boosters, and it works to increase the body's ability to produce testosterone. Tribulus is also a common libido booster, and those using it should find that they experience an improvement in energy levels in the bedroom as well as the gym.

  • Coleus Forskohlii - Coleus forksohlii is a common ingredient found in fat burners, and helps to produce more energy by boosting thyroid output and utilising body fat stores for energy.

  • Korean Ginseng - Korean Ginseng is a less common ingredient, but is popular in traditional medicines for its ability to enhance mental focus and concentration. It also reduces fatigue and improves energy levels.

  • Avena Sativa - Avena sativa (oat extract) is becoming more common in test boosters, and is believed to be a potent testosterone stimulator. It is believed to work well in combination with tribulus terrestris and frees up testosterone to be absorbed into the blood.

Flavours & Sizes

Body Ripped Androbolin Max is available in a 90-capsule container, which is a 30-day supply.


Each daily serve of Androbolin Max contains the equivalent of 37.5g of tribulus, as well as 31.2g of coleus forskohlii, 1500mg of Korean ginseng and 600mg of avena sativa. These are all good doses which will ensure optimal results if taken as directed.


One bottle of Androbolin Max will last approximately 30 days, and at $55 per bottle, it's fairly standard in terms of cost. There's certainly better and worse value out there, and for the concentration of herbs in Androbolin, we think this is priced pretty well.


As an all-in-one testosterone booster, energy enhancer and even fat burner, Body Ripped Androbolin Max is designed for anyone looking to perform better at the gym, improving their strength levels, muscle building ability and recovery times.

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