Body Ripped Evolution WPI Review

Body Ripped Evolution WPI Review

Body Ripped Evolution WPI Review

Body Ripped is one of Australia's favourite supplement companies, and has produced high quality sports nutrition products since the early 90's. Body Ripped constantly revamps and improves its' products, which are designed to promote optimal performance and training results.

Evolution WPI is one of the purest protein supplements on the market, with 90% protein, as well as added amino acids. Available in a variety of sizes and flavours, Body Ripped Evolution WPI is an excellent tool for anyone who needs to recover immediately and grow significantly.

Key Ingredients

  • Whey Protein Isolate - Body Ripped Evolution WPI contains whey protein isolate as the only protein source, which is what you would expect from a high quality WPI product. Whey isolate is protein that has been stripped of the majority of fat and carbohydrates during the filtering process, which makes it extremely low in fat, sugar and lactose. This is ideal for anyone who wants a pure protein source without any additional impurities. Although whey protein isolate is one of the priciest protein sources out there, it is also one of the best-digested and therefore you require less of it as compared to a whey concentrate or calcium caseinate, for example.

  • Glutamine - Glutamine is the main amino acid found in muscles, and is responsible for a number of processes in the body. Added to Evolution WPI, glutamine will reduce soreness, improve your immune health and get you ready to train again quicker.

  • Vitamins & Minerals - To round off the Evolution WPI blend, vitamins and minerals are added to the protein and glutamine. Most people are deficient in some if not most vitamins and minerals, and this is especially true of athletes who require even higher levels to compensate for the extra stress on their systems. Body Ripped WPI includes a number of key vitamins and minerals to support strength, recovery and overall wellbeing.

Flavours & Sizes

Body Ripped Evolution WPI is available in a 1kg (25 serves) and 3kg (75 serves) tub, in Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla and Strawberry flavours.


Each 40g serve of Evolution WPI contains 36g of protein, and less than 1g each of fat and carbohydrates. This is an excellent nutrient breakdown for anyone wanting a pure, lean protein source. With whey isolate as the only protein source, you won't need as high a protein dose as with other supplements, so one serve will be enough for almost anyone.


Body Ripped Evolution WPI costs between $1.80-$2.25 per serve, which is about right for a high quality WPI supplement. When comparing prices, though, make sure you take into account that Evolution WPI is based on a 40g serve rather than the standard 30g - it will equate to around the $1.50 mark per 30g serve.


Body Ripped Evolution WPI is an excellent pure whey isolate supplement, providing 90% protein, with less than 1g of fat and carbs per serve. Used pre and post-training, the whey isolate in combination with the added glutamine, vitamins and minerals will ensure quicker recovery, better muscle growth and excellent all-round performance.

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