Body Ripped Massive Milk Review

Body Ripped Massive Milk Review

Body Ripped Massive Milk Review

Body Ripped's supplement line is formulated with decades of experience and research at the helm, and each of the products available to the public are specifically formulated for maximum results.

Massive Milk is a 360 calorie per serve weight gainer that is different from almost every other mass gain product on the market. Rather than a high-carbohydrate and low-fat ingredient blend, Massive Milk utilises nutrient-dense fats to boost the muscle growth capabilities of its weight gainer. Massive Milk is designed for consistent and significant muscle gain, and should be considered by anyone looking to increase their body weight.

Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend - Body Ripped Massive Milk uses micellar casein, whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate as its protein sources. This makes the blend fairly slow-digesting, perfect as a meal replacement or for anytime when a sustained release of amino acids is preferred - basically anytime but post-workout.

  • Carbohydrate Blend - Massive Milk uses mainly glucose syrup and fructose as the carbohydrate sources, which provides a quick and sustained energy release.

  • Fat Blend - Unlike most weight gainers, Body Ripped Massive Milk provides 15g of fat per serve, primarily from palm oil and vegetable oil. These fat sources provide an array of fat types, including MCT oils which are excellent for producing energy. Without adequate fats, many key hormones in the body such as growth hormone and testosterone cannot be adequately produced, and Body Ripped recognises this with the fat blend added to Massive Milk.

Flavours & Sizes

Body Ripped Massive Milk is available in a 1kg and 3kg tub, in Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry and Vanilla flavours.


Each 70g serve of Massive Milk contains 31g of protein, 15g fat and 18.5g carbohydrates, which is a good balance of macronutrients for growth. This provides 360 calories per serve in water, which is a little low for someone looking to truly gain size. Massive Milk should be used multiple times per day for best results.


Each serve of Massive Milk costs around $3, which is quite good. With the balance of protein, carbs and fats and added vitamins, it can be used as a smaller meal during the day, which works out much cheaper than any take away food.


Body Ripped Massive Milk uses a similar blend of nutrients to mother's milk - which makes it ideal for growth. With a good blend of protein sources, carb sources and fat sources, it's an excellent meal replacement or calorie booster to add to anyone's diet, helping them increase their daily calorie intake and promote muscle gain with a minimum of body fat growth.

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