Body Ripped Peptide L-21 Review

Body Ripped Peptide L-21 Review

Body Ripped Peptide L-21 Review

In October 2013, Body Ripped re-designed and re-released the entire range of bodybuilding and sports nutrition supplements that they are famous for in Australia. Popular products such as Evolution WPI, Hydroxy Ripp Pro and Thermogen XXXtreme have now been reformulated and rebranded in newer, more potent supplements to help athletes achieve their goals.

Peptide L-21 is the new engineered protein supplement in the Body Ripped range, focusing on the highly anabolic amino acid leucine. Peptide L-21 is for advanced athletes looking to pack on muscle, support existing muscle while dieting, or to promote optimal recovery from training or performances. Peptide L-21 combines di and tri-peptide-rich whey proteins with select amino acids, vitamins and minerals for a high-grade and unique muscle-building supplement.

Peptide L-21 Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend – The protein sources found in Peptide L-21 come from high quality whey protein sources, including cross-flow and cold filtered whey protein isolate, as well as hydrolysed whey protein isolate. These sources are rich in di and tri-peptides, which are specific bonds of naturally-occurring amino acids. Hands down, these protein sources are amongst the most pure and the highest quality available anywhere in the world.
  • Structured Leucine Peptides – The uniqueness of the Peptide L-21 blend comes from the dose of leucine found in each serve. Normally, leucine makes up approximately 12% of the total protein content in a protein powder, whereas Peptide L-21 is around the 21% mark. The extra leucine is added from hydrolysed whey protein, and ensures that your body receives all the anabolic signals necessary to spark muscle growth.
  • Amino Acids – Added to the protein sources and the hydrolysed leucine is an amino acid blend – including branched chain amino acids and glutamine. These are necessary for optimal muscle function, growth and recovery.

Peptide L-21 Flavours & Sizes

Body Ripped Peptide L-21 is available in a 700g bucket, in Orange and Pine Lime flavours.

Peptide L-21 Dosage

Each 35g serve of Peptide L-21 yields around 29g of protein, and just 1g of fat and carbohydrates. This makes it approximately 82% protein, with over 6g per serve of leucine, and around 10g of total BCAA’s per serve. These are extremely good numbers, and ensure your muscles are getting plenty of support. One serve a day should be enough for most, but you can take two if you are training exceptionally hard.

Why we like Peptide L-21

  • Highest quality protein sources
  • Hydrolysed leucine added to the mix
  • Nice fruit-based flavours


Body Ripped Peptide L-21 is one of the most advanced protein supplements you’ll find anywhere in the world. While Body Ripped’s claim that it’s a step 10 years into the future remains to be seen, it is definitely a unique product that currently has no equal in the industry. With a huge dose of whey isolates, leucine and branched chain amino acids in each serve, Peptide L-21 should definitely boost your muscle growth abilities.

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