Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes Review

Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes Review

Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes Review

Body Ripped offers some of the best protein powders, weight gainers and strength boosters of any Australian supplement manufacturer. With strict quality standards and excellent ingredient blends, Body Ripped products are the first choice for many athletes.

Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes are designed for those who want a high-protein and low-GI breakfast that is different from the traditional oats and egg whites. Although Protein Power Pancakes taste like they're ruining your diet, they're suitable for most diets with their low sugar content and excellent protein blend.

Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend - Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes provides 63.1g of protein per serve, from a blend of whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate and skim milk powder. This blend of proteins ensures that you get an immediate burst of amino acids to stop catabolism from your overnight fast, as well as a sustained amino acid release which keeps you anabolic for hours.

  • Wheat Flour - The carb source in Protein Power Pancakes comes from wheat flour - a source you'd normally find in most breads and cereals. This carbohydrate source is slow-digesting, giving you a constant release of energy throughout the morning.

Flavours & Sizes

Protein Power Pancakes come in a 1.8kg box, with 12 sachets in each box, and in a natural flavour.


Each sachet of Protein Power Pancakes provides 63.1g of protein, 62.1g of carbohydrates and 3.8g of fat when mixed with water. This is quite a large breakfast for most people, so you could easily split each sachet into two days' worth. When mixed with skim milk you're getting over 70g of carbs and protein per serve, which is definitely a big breakfast or snack.


Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes are extremely well priced, with each sachet costing around $3. It's not often you'll get 63g of protein for $3, even in a protein shake. A box of Protein Power Pancakes will last you nearly two weeks at one sachet per day, but for most people who need to reduce the serving size, a box could last anywhere from 3-4 weeks quite easily. That's excellent value.


Body Ripped Protein Power Pancakes are ideal for anyone who wants a delicious breakfast high in protein and sustained release carbohydrates, and especially one who is sick of the standard oats and egg whites. With a great natural flavour, a nice ingredient profile and an excellent price, Protein Power Pancakes are a perfect breakfast choice!

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