Body Science Green Tea TX100 Review

Body Science GreenTea TX100 Probiotic Fat Burner

Body Science Green Tea TX100 Review

Body Science (BSc) has undergone some major changes in 2014, with a complete rebranding and reformulation of all their sports nutrition products. Now Body Science is the only Australian company that can boast no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners in any of their products, and WADA-tested (and compliant) supplements that any athlete can use. Despite their natural ingredients, the new Body Science range boasts some of the best flavours and ingredient profiles we’ve seen.

Green Tea TX100 is BSc’s latest product combining green tea, vitamin C and probiotics to enhance energy, mood, fat loss and overall health. To work in conjunction with Body Science’s other natural supplements, Green Tea TX100 uses naturally high antioxidant tea with the equivalent of around 100 cups of green tea. The result is a mild fat burner that is easy to drink, enhances your digestion and supports your good health.

Green Tea TX100 Key Ingredients

  • Green Tea Extract – Green tea is one of the healthiest plants on earth, high in antioxidants, catechins and other beneficial compounds to health. It’s a common ingredient in fat burners thanks to a mild natural caffeine dose, as well as its ability to help shrink fat cells. The amount of green tea in Green Tea TX100 is roughly equivalent to 100 cups of green tea in antioxidant content – making it not only a great-tasting option, but a health-promoting one also.
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus – L acidophilus is a bacteria that’s naturally found in the human gut, as well as probiotic supplements and even yoghurt. It’s an extremely potent health promoter as well – having a range of uses, including combating lactose intolerance, reducing diarrhoea symptoms, reducing damage done by antibiotics and is effective against salmonella and e. coli. We are learning far more about gut health and the results not only for overall health but exercise performance and weight loss, and we’re seeing a trend towards probiotics being added to supplements.
  • Vitamin C – TX100 also includes a decent dose of vitamin C – another excellent health booster. Vitamin C is needed to repair tissues and bones, to combat free radicals and to reduce cold symptoms, amongst many other functions within the body.

Green Tea TX100 Flavours & Sizes

TX100 comes in a box of 60 x 3g sachets, in Super Berry flavour.

Green Tea TX100 Dosage

The recommended serving size for TX100 is one 3g sachet twice daily, so you’ll get a full 30 days out of each box. In each 3g dose, you’ll be getting 300mg vitamin C, (equivalent) 12.5g green tea extract and 3 billion cfu’s of lactobacillus acidophilus. Each sachet naturally contains 50mg caffeine. For gut health, energy and overall vitality, follow the directions and consume one sachet in the morning, and one at lunchtime.

Green Tea TX100 Features

  • High antioxidant content (84,000 ORAC rating)
  • Equivalent to 100 cups of green tea
  • Pleasant berry flavour


In the same vein as Green Tea X50, Body Science’s new Green Tea TX100 is a great-tasting, health promoting drink that’s ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, promote a healthy gut or just boost general health. With a full 30-day supply in each box, and with only 7 calories per serve, anyone can increase the nutritional value of their diet by adding Green Tea TX100 to it.

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