Body Science Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical Review

The new formulation of Body Science Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical improves on a great product in the original BSc Hydroxyburn Pro, with a '10 Phase Lean and Ripped Formula'. Body Science Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical contains a huge variety of ingredients, some of which are included for their ability to burn fat, shed excess water, control hunger and balance mood.   

Ingredient Highlights

  • African Mango extract - at 150mg/serve it is a clinically validated dose of an underused ingredient in the supplement world which has proven weight loss benefits
  • B-Vitamins - included for a host of benefits such as increased metabolism, immune function and cancer fighting abilities

Taste and Mixability
BSc Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical
comes in four flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana and Cherry Bite (which tastes like a Cherry Ripe!), and mixes nicely into a smooth shake.

Each serve provides 30g of whey protein, which is enough for most people. At the full serving suggestion of three serves per day, you will be getting 90g of protein, as well as clinically proven doses of other ingredients, such as over 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B-12, 450mg of African Mango extract, and 525mg of Green Tea extract. If taken in conjunction with the BSc Hydroxyburn Hardcore capsules, this is a potent combination.

A 900g tub provides 20 serves, and a 3kg tub 67 serves - which should last 1-2 months for most people. At $54.95 for 900g and $139.95 for 3kg, Protein King has some of Australia's cheapest prices!

Final Word
With some tweaks to the original Body Science Hydroxyburn Pro, the new Clinical formula covers all the bases of fat loss, from thermogenic ingredients, to diuretics, to appetite suppression. BSc Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical promises to 'make your fat cry'!

Yours in Health,

Protein King

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