Body War Bodyshred Review

Body War Bodyshred Review

Body War Bodyshred Review

Body War is one of the newest players in the Australian supplement scene, but its popularity is on par with many companies that have been around for years. It’s safe to say that Body War’s fully-disclosed ingredient panels and smartly-formulated supplements have struck a chord with supplement users down under.

Bodyshred is a potent, powdered fat burning supplement featuring a blend of several herbal and amino-based ingredients which combine to boost energy and focus levels, and destroy body fat.

Body War Bodyshred Key Ingredients

- Acetyl-L-Carnitine – Also known as ALC or ALCAR, this amino acid is widely used in fat burners and cognitive enhancers thanks to a mountain of positive research findings. ALC has been shown in research to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce fat mass, enhance mental focus and increase body fat oxidation.

- Yerba Mate – Yerba mate is a flowering plant used widely in tea throughout South America and Asia. Like other teas, yerba mate delivers a whole host of benefits, including those from xanthines, flavonoids and saponins. For fat burning, yerba mate delivers a nice caffeine and stimulant boost, although what we really like about it, is that it actually slows your heart rate, rather than most other stimulants that accelerate your heart rate. This makes yerba mate an excellent option for anyone who wants a fat burner that doesn’t make their heart race.

- Green Coffee Bean Extract – Another of the current popular fat burning ingredients on the market, green coffee bean extract has had limited research, but the research that has been done shows quite positive results. Green coffee bean extract is high in chlorogenic acid, which is thought to deliver many of the positive weight loss and blood sugar reducing benefits.

Body War Bodyshred Flavours & Sizes

Bodyshred comes in a 256g tub, which is 32 servings. Current flavours are Fairy Floss, Mango Punch and Strawberry Jam!

Body War Bodyshred Dosage

Each 8g serve of Bodyshred is precisely dosed on the label, which we love! For each scoop, you’ll get 2g ALC, 700mg garcinia cambogia, 500mg n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, 500mg raspberry ketones, 400mg green coffee bean extract, 400mg green tea extract, 350mg yerba mate, 350mg white kidney bean, 300mg taurine, 300mg African mango, 250mg caffeine anhydrous, 250mg white tea extract, as well as smaller doses of picamilon, higenamine, horsetail, celery seed, bitter orange and huperzine-a. Phew, what a massive list of ingredients!

We love that the ingredients are fully-disclosed, and for the most part, fully-dosed – with a very low amount of inactive ingredient (flavours, colours and flow agents).  With all that considered, one scoop per day should suffice for most people, with the label recommending only ½ a scoop at first to assess tolerance. This will definitely pack a punch for most people.

Why we like Body War Bodyshred

- Strong energy and focus
- Fully dosed and fully disclosed formula
- Great flavours


We only have positive things to say about Bodyshred – Body War’s fat burning powder. It delivers excellent doses of a huge list of potent fat-burning and energy-producing ingredients; it provides 32 full serves in each tub; it comes in three awesome flavours; and it’s priced at a very reasonable $1.75 per serve! For fat burning, energy and focus-boosting and overall feel-good, we can’t recommend Bodyshred enough.

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