BPI Sports Funnbar Review

BPI Sports Funnbar Review

BPI Sports Funnbar Review

There is perhaps no better advertised brand in the supplement world than BPI Sports – you’ll have seen their products everywhere, and with athletes like four-time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler on board, they continue to grow in size and popularity. The BPI Sports range now includes a whole host of supplements, including several that don’t fit in to traditional categories such as ‘fat burners’ or ‘pre workouts’. BPI Sports is definitely a forward-thinking supplement company and sets trends that keeps competitors one step behind.

Funnbar by BPI Sports is a trend-setting protein chew – the only one on the market that we know of currently. Delivering a decent whack of protein and fibre in each individually-wrapped chew, Funnbar moves towards the candy route, and away from protein bars, which are one of the most saturated product groups in sports nutrition. While Funnbar isn’t designed for elite level athletes trying to dial in to competition-like physiques, it’s definitely a better alternative for anyone tossing up between satisfying their sweet tooth and keeping their diet on point.

BPI Sports Funnbar Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend – The main ingredient in Funnbar is a combination of whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate. These four proteins deliver quick, medium and slower-digesting amino acids, and are quite high in branched chain amino acids.
  • Polydextrose Syrup – Polydextrose is a fibre source that’s in several protein bars and snacks on the market currently. As a substitute for carbohydrate and fat sources, polydextrose is low in calories, and is classified as a fibre – meaning that you can subtract it from your daily ‘usable carb’ count.

BPI Sports Funnbar Flavours & Sizes

Funnbars come in boxes of 12 x 48g bars, and each bar is made up of 10 individually-wrapped pieces. Available flavours are currently Caramel & Chocolate, and Tropical Berry.

BPI Sports Funnbar Dosage

Each 48g Funnbar provides 15g of protein, 10g fibre and 150 calories, with zero fat and sugar. As the bars come with 10 individual pieces, you can divide those numbers to find what you’ll get per chew – 1.5g protein, 1g fibre, 15 calories. This makes Funnbar pretty easy to fit in to any diet – most people have room for 15 calories somewhere. If it’s just to satisfy your sweet tooth, one or two chews will probably do it. Be careful, though, with their addictive flavours you could find yourself wolfing down a whole box pretty quickly. Don’t do that – the polydextrose has been known to cause bloating and digestive discomfort at high doses.

BPI Sports Funnbar Features

  • Zero fat and zero sugar
  • Candy-like taste
  • 15g protein and 10g fibre per bar


Much like the recent trend with protein bars, BPI Sports Funnbar delivers a good dose of high-quality protein and fibre, with very little nutritional downside. Use Funnbar to satisfy your sweet tooth (and not as a regular protein source), and you’ll find yourself enjoying a high-protein diet a lot more!

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