BPI Sports GRP HD Review

BPI Sports GRP-HD Review

BPI Sports GRP HD Review

BPI Sports was founded in 2004 with one goal in mind - to build a world class sports and bodybuilding supplement company. Over the years, they have achieved and expanded on their original goal, and are now one of the largest sports nutrition companies in the world. They continue to be committed to providing customers with the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

BPI GRP-HD (Growth Releasing Peptide) is developed based on promising scientific data that indicates a combination of certain compounds could support healthy growth factor release. Optimal growth hormone release is needed for building lean muscle, reducing body fat and overall health and well-being. Using BPI GRP-HD in conjunction with proper nutrition, training, and sleep could prove to be ideal for anyone looking to maximise muscle, strength, performance and recovery.

BPI GRP-HD Key Ingredients

  • Paulinia Cupana (Guarana) - Guarana is essential for its weight loss properties, as well as for a number of natural chemicals that enhance energy and promote toxin release.
  • Yellow Centiyane – Also known as bitter root, this herb is known for improving appetite and fortifying your body systems, specifically the endocrine and digestive systems. A healthy endocrine system allows your body to produce optimal hormone output, including growth hormone and testosterone.
  • Dolichos Lobatus – Dolichos lobatus is a fairly uncommon plant extract, affect neurotransmitters and neurohormones. It has been used extensively in Chinese medicine, and is known for its’ hormone-support abilities.
  • Indian Banyan – Indian Banyan is known to enhance the production of dopamine in the body, which assists the hypothalamus in releasing GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone).

BPI GRP-HD Flavours & Sizes

BPI GRP-HD is offered in two flavours - Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry. Each tub contains 28 serves, 84 in total.


Each serve of GRP-HD is only 3g, which is less than even most concentrated preworkouts (or even a serve of creatine). The ingredients in it, however, are quite powerful – so you definitely don’t need to up the dose. Just stick to the one-serve-per-day directions each morning.

Why we like BPI GRP-HD

  • Several unique ingredients 
  • Small serves, powerful results
  • Promotes optimal hormone levels naturally


BPI Sports is known for its dedication to providing bodybuilders and athletes with safe supplements that actually work. There is no question that GRP-HD continues this trend. It is the ideal supplement for building lean muscle mass, especially if you have hit a plateau in your results, especially if you’re looking to optimise your hormone levels.

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