BPI Sports Whey-HD Review

BPI Sports Whey-HD Review

BPI Sports Whey-HD Review

While BPI Sports’ marketing budget is as high as any supplement company’s in the industry, their research and development team are just as supported, which is why you’ll often see BPI come up with new ingredients or new combinations of them well before their competitors do. BPI is definitely a trend-setter in the industry, and their products are always well anticipated for this reason.

BPI’s first protein powder in years has arrived in Australia – the new Whey-HD. Whey-HD claims to be the ‘absolute best’ in protein powders on the market, with a brand new flavouring system, and is a protein powder ‘you can feel’. We don’t usually feel our protein powders working (or necessarily want to!), but in true BPI Sports style, they’ve made a big claim that will spark some discussion. Whey-HD is a protein blend from whey and milk sources and offers some excellent flavours to make drinking your protein shake easy.

BPI Sports Whey-HD Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend – Whey-HD features a blend of four different proteins – whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate. These sources are naturally blends of whey and casein proteins – providing everything between a rapid and slow-digesting protein. This makes Whey-HD ideal for any time of the day – a versatile protein that will fit into most people’s days.
  • ProHydrolase – We’re excited to see ProHydrolase added to the Whey-HD mix – this new digestive enzyme blend is one of the finest and newest on the market. ProHydrolase breaks protein down efficiently, allowing the maximum amount of amino acids to be absorbed by the body, and also degrades the peptides that cause gastrointestinal discomfort. The result is a well-digested protein powder with little or no GI upset that you might usually experience.

BPI Sports Whey-HD Flavours & Sizes

Whey-HD currently comes in a 2kg tub, in Chocolate Cookie, Milk & Cookies and Vanilla Caramel flavours. There are more flavours and sizes to come, so stay tuned!

BPI Sports Whey-HD Dosage

Whey-HD is pretty much your standard protein blend – 25g of protein per 38g scoop which comes in at around 66% protein. This is lower than most whey isolates, and at the lower end of blends as well, although you can’t usually get a protein powder tasting this good without sacrificing a little of the protein content. With the high quality ProHydrolase enzymes in the mix, the majority of the amino acids are going to be utilised, so Whey-HD might actually be comparable to a higher protein product. Take Whey-HD like you would take any other protein – once or twice per day, either as a meal replacement, between meals, or around your workouts.

BPI Sports Whey-HD Features

  • Amazing flavours
  • ProHydrolase advanced enzyme blend
  • The first BPI Sports protein powder in years


BPI Sports Whey-HD offers some excellent benefits to hard training athletes, or anyone wanting to satisfy their sweet cravings with a tasty protein shake. With a blend of four proteins and advanced digestive enzymes, Whey-HD works nicely with the rest of the BPI range.

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