BPM Labs The One 2.0 Review

BPM Labs The One 2.0 Review

BPM Labs The One 2.0 Review

BPM Labs is one of the newcomers to the supplement scene, but already they’ve developed a reputation as one of the ‘hardcore’ companies. BPM Labs products are strong, effective and specifically target key areas athletes need to focus on to perform at their peak. With a range of fat burners, test boosters and amino acid supplements, BPM Labs has your needs covered.

The One 2.0 is the updated version of the hugely popular The One, and promises to be another game changer from the growing brand BPM Labs. We’ve seen a surge of recent interest towards BPM’s products, with users considering them some of the most effective they’ve ever tried, and with The One 2.0 now in stock, we’re sure to see another wave of support for BPM.

BPM Labs The One 2.0 Key Ingredients

  • Beta-Alanine – The first ingredient in The One 2.0’s proprietary blend is beta-alanine – the tried and tested endurance and stamina ingredient that’s been popular for decades. Beta-alanine helps to buffer lactic acid within the muscles, reducing their effects and prolonging the time under which muscles can fire.
  • Arginine – The One 2.0 utilises two forms of arginine – arginine alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG) and arginine malate. These two amino acids are strong vasodilators – they increase the bloodflow to muscles, helping to produce a bigger pump, and also promote more growth hormone release.
  • Bitter Orange Peel Extract – The main alkaloid from bitter orange extract is syneprhine – a potent central nervous system stimulator, energy booster and fat loss aid.
  • Cacao Plant Extract – We see this extract used often in fat burners and preworkouts, and it is commonly referred to a theobromine. Theobromine is responsible for many of the energy, wellbeing and vasodilation effects attributed to chocolate.

BPM Labs The One 2.0 Flavours & Sizes

The One 2.0 comes in a 405g container (30 serves) in Pineapple flavour.

BPM Labs The One 2.0 Dosage

Each serve of The One 2.0 contains a 13.5g proprietary blend – making it very close to a fully-dosed preworkout. With beta-alanine, arginine and creatine in the mix, The One 2.0 might be provide slightly less than full valid doses of these ingredients, although knowing BPM Labs, the stim blends are sure to be at full strength, and even a little more. This is a true one-scoop formula, so don’t exceed the recommended one serving per day.

Why we like BPM Labs The One 2.0

  • High strength stim blend
  • Balanced and complete ingredient mix for strength, pumps, endurance, focus and energy
  • 30 full serves per container


BPM Labs have exceeded the previous version of The One, with The One 2.0 delivering an excellent mix of potent and effective pre-workout ingredients. The One 2.0, with a huge stimulant hit, is not for the faint of heart, so be sure to only use half a scoop to start with, and get set for your strongest and longest training sessions yet.

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